How do you choose a title for a brand new blog?

Titling a new Blog

Who knew this would prove to be so difficult?  Initially my brain seethed with possibilities – quirky, original ideas. I made an efficient list. I worked my way through the possibilities. My dismay increased exponentially  as I approached the tail-end.  This one was too twee;  that one was too solipsistic; this one was too obscure; that one was too naff; this one was just plain stupid; that one wasn’t as funny as I’d first thought.  How could this be so hard?

I earnestly re-read The Rough Guide to Blogging  by Jonathan Yang and confirmed that  the header (i.e. blog name) is crucial, it’s the hook that draws in your potential readers, the brand name that builds you a devoted tribe of eager fans.  Okay, right, I get it.  Back to the drawing board.

How do I find a header that encapsulates the contents of my as-yet-unwritten blog? I mean, how do I know now what I might write about in the future?  I see blogging as a glorious opportunity to write about anything and everything (note to self – how about From Cabbages to Kings ?  Umm.  This pre-supposes familiarity with Alice in Wonderland. And didn’t Johnny Depp do wonders for Wonderland in last year’s movie?) But I digress. See how easy it is to slip from one topic to another. How about From Depp to Darwin?  That covers a lot of ground.  But do I want to write about evolution and its tricky cousin, creationism?  And could I ? should I ? write about the movies?  Do I want to write about the movies? Barry Ronge is doing a terrific job, so maybe let well alone.

What I chiefly want to write about is Books, and reading.  Plus anything else that takes my fancy.  Cats, for instance; or food; or Mah-Jongg; or the fact that truth is always stranger than fiction; or obscure words that I encounter on Lexulous; maybe I should just title the wretched thing The Whole Gemors and leave it at that.  Non-South African readers will just have to figure it out for themselves. Or not, as the case may be. I’ll add The Whole Gemors  to the list and ponder some more.


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3 responses to “How do you choose a title for a brand new blog?

  1. WELL DONE ALISON! You finally launched your blog!

    I am so with you – choosing a name for one’s blog can be incredibly hard. As you said,”I mean, how do I know now what I might write about in the *future*?” I totally agree with that.

    I love the name, but I also love the South African flavour of ‘The Whole Gemors’! I am curious though: how come you chose Timbuktu, when… er… you’re nowhere near it? 😉

    Anyway, I am clicking that ‘Subscribe’ button right NOW.


    • Oh Reggie – THANK YOU ! My first subscriber – how on earth did you find me ? I am still trying to build my blog before telling ANYBODY that it is in existence. Watch this space for the Timbuktu aspect.


      • I found your blog, because you very thoughtfully included the link when you left a comment on MY blog. See? That’s how it works. 😀

        Welcome to the blogosphere, dearest Alison.


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