SCREW IT, LET’S DO IT – Lessons in
Life by Richard Branson.

Rags to Riches story of a born entrepreneur who doesn’t know the meaning of the word  “can’t”.  Enter Sir Richard Branson.
Founder of Virgin Airlines, Virgin Music, Virgin Gyms. Dyslexic RB has chutzpah,  guts, a gambling streak and heart to spare.

This short  book is published by Virgin Books : of course it is, RB never misses a  trick.  Big print, very short, 111 pages,
including the index. Apart from outlining his life-story, the most notable
thing for me was  RB’s Golden List:

1. Just do it

2.Think  ‘yes’ not ‘no’

3.Challenge  yourself

4.Have  goals

5.Have  fun

6.Make  a difference ( = charity work)

7.Stand  on your own feet

8.Be  loyal (=friends and family)

9.Live  life to the full.

Now isn’t this the most sensible thing you’ve read in a long time?  See what I mean about heart and guts?

I’m sure I saw him in the roof parking area of Canal Walk, sitting in a huge black 4×4,  glued to his cellphone; if only I’d had the guts to go up and say ‘hello!’ ….
I should have taken his advice, said to myself Screw it, let’s do it!  Walked  up to him and said Hi, Sir Richard – I’m  a great fan.



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