Did you know: The fastest selling book of fiction  in 24 hours is Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows  by JK Rowling with  8.3 million copies or 345 833 an hour (July 21, 2007). (Thanks to the Mercury Newspaper for this snippet). Bookworm comment – how I wish HP were my creation ; apart from the fame there’s all that lovely  money …. I’m not too sure who’s currently on the Richest Women in the World List (apart from HM, the Queen) but JK Rowling must be on there somewhere.

Did you know: A new book is published every 15 minutes in America. (Thanks to the Mercury Newspaper for this snippet).
Bookworm comment –
somehow this statistic depresses me dreadfully.

Did you know: The first novel ever written on a typewriter was Tom Sawyer. (Thanks to the Mercury Newspaper for this
Bookworm comment – Who would have thought that good ole’ Mark Twain, he of the luxuriant hair &  mustachios, was a technological ground-breaker in 1876? One hundred and fifteen years ago, he was bashing away at his Remington.  I wonder which book will have the sad distinction of being the last book ever to appear in printed form on paper, in years to come?  It’ll be Kindle, Kindle all the way.

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: Could – or should –  JK Rowling write a non-Harry Potter book?  What do you think ?





  1. Sher Schwartz

    Should she write a non-HP book? Not sure, but what might she write that I would be interested in reading? I’d love to read a collection of nonfiction essays she would write having to do in some way of how her life was affected by the HP process. That might be quite interesting. Yet, I see I can’t get her off Harry Potter.

    Lastly, when the final book is printed — what will take its place? I feel certain Kindle will be long gone. Can we imagine another way of reading , another way of preserving the worlds’ books to take Kindle’s place?

    Fun things to think about Alison-thanks. 🙂 Sher


  2. Pauline

    I do think that J K Rowling, should have a break from HP .

    Perhaps a totally different sort of writing, But what I ask myself?
    An insight into her life , and perhaps something on a more earthy level.


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