I recently attended a 90th  Birthday Party – what a wonderful celebration it was! The 90 year old lady – not sure I can call her the Birthday Girl at the  age of 90 – was wearing a stylish blue suit, hair neatly permed (what is it  with elderly ladies & permed hair? The Moslem ladies have a much better solution: they cover it all up with a headscarf, hiding wispy,  recalcitrant elderly hair.  I recall my mother moaning constantly about the state of her fine, diminishing hair …).

The 90 year old was circulating amongst the guest, chatting animatedly,
reconnecting with long absent friends. She still drives her car, and works two  mornings a week in her daughter’s home-decor shop. Pretty good for 90, wouldn’t  you say?

It set me to wondering whether I would be in a similar hearty state at the major age of 90? Will I even reach 90?  And of course  one doesn’t know. Even if one is the inheritor of longevity genes, and even if one is taking handfuls of vitamin pills and chronic medications, who can say?  There is the random traffic accident, the wicked bite of the black widow spider, violent crime, freakish accidents.  The list of possible
disasters is almost infinite. Not to mention the global sword of Damocles in  the shape of the Mayan prophecy about 2012 being the end of the world. The  lunatic fundamental revivalists aren’t helping either, what with their  frequently edited calendars proclaiming the date of the next – really, this  will be the FINAL RAPTURE, we promise! – End of the World Date. Thus far I  think we have survived two, or is it three? false alarms this year alone.

90 is a memorable age.  It is almost a century of living on this fragile, fallible, planet of ours with all its challenges and beauty.   In the past one hundred years life  in the West has changed almost beyond recognition. We have widespread access to  power, sanitation, piped water, transport systems, medical resources, universal
education, judicial systems, stable democratic governments, and all this before  we even mention the electronic and digital revolution.  In my own lifetime I have seen the arrival of television, long distance air-travel, space age dentistry, unfettered  communication, the growth of the media and entertainment industry; the  invention of Kleenex tissues and kitchen paper, two of my personal favourites,  along with cafe latté and sushi, let’s not forget life’s  many little pleasures!

So: wishing all of us a long and happy life.  All my readers are invited to my 90th birthday party. I want cake, candles, champagne, sushi, sparklers, speeches, and most important of all, I want my family and friends to be there. Bon voyage, everybody – see you in 2031!



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10 responses to “LANDMARK BIRTHDAYS

  1. Pauline

    Alison, this is so good, Ladies of this age have a lot to teach the younger ones.
    I shall look foreward to the Bubbly and Sushi.


  2. Great – lets practice partying with bubbly and sushi at yours, and then we can go on to mine ?


  3. Elaine

    I accept your gracious invitation to your 90th birthday party and look forward to celebrating it with you. Here’s wishing us all long life and good health for the next twenty years!


  4. Mule Springs

    Alison- My mother in law will be 100 years old next September, and the idea of living 90 or 100 years is simply fantastic. It’s incredible, and you are right to think of all that has happened historically within 90 or 100 years.

    Still being 99, as my relative is has many challenges, and I can’t say if I even want to see 99.


  5. And, if I make it, (I’ll be 80), it’s a date!


  6. Gosh, Alison, 90 is an incredible age!

    Last week, I met a lady who has experienced life on this planet for 104 years! Apart from being a little hard of hearing, and needing a walking stick, she looked great.

    If I’m still around when you hit the big 9-0, I will bake your birthday cake myself!


  7. You’re on, Reggie! I adore fruitcake. So there you have it. Looking forward!


    • Ho-kay, then, Fruitcake it is! …. (muttering to herself) Now where’s my recipe for fruitcake… I know it’s somewhere here…. if I could only rememember… now where’s my glasses…. (sounds of elderly lady with stick and wearing slippers shuffling off to the pantry….) 🙂


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