SHORT-SHORT #2 : Prize Winning Entry!

 Here is another short-short i.e. flash fiction of only 500 words. I’m thrilled to tell you that it won First Prize in a UK competition run by FLASH 500,   My entry into the Flash 500 comp was part of the prize I won with this story  from my local writing group, the *West Coast Writer’s Circle, at the end of 2011. I wrote the story in an experimental format, which seems to have worked.  I hope you enjoy it.  *





He said:      C’mon Cynthia – I’ve gotta condom.

She said:     Darren …  you promise ?

We said:     If only Cynthia would find herself a decent boyfriend!

They said:   Did you hear Cynthia Jenkins is going out with that Darren Baroda?

He said:      But we used a condom!

She said:     Well it didn’t work, did it?

We said:     Cynthia – you don’t have to get married, we’ll stand by you.

They said:   The Jenkins are heartbroken : Cynthia has to get married, and to that no-good Darren Baroda!

He said:      Doesn’t that kid ever stop screaming? I’m not up for this!

She said:     It’s not my fault – he’s a colicky baby

We said:     Aww … who’s Nanna and Gramps’ precious ?

They said:   Darren Baroda must have shares in the pub by now …

He said:      Sorry Cynthia, this isn’t working; I’m off to London – I’ll phone you

She said:     Get out you useless lowlife-drunk  – who needs you?

We said:     What a relief! We’ve sorted out your old bedroom Cynthia, plenty of  room for you and little Wesley.

They said:   Such a shame : Darren Baroda left Cynthia in the lurch, and with such a difficult baby, too.


He said:      Thought I’d give you a quick buzz; I’m off to Australia next week, gotta job with a mate of mine. Wish Wesley happy birthday for me, will ya?

She said:     I hope a kangaroo kicks you to death!

We said:     Cynthia, this can’t go on; Wesley’s a big boy now and he should know he mustn’t hurt poor old Kitty  like that

They said: Wesley Baroda’s a nasty piece of work – and only 7 years old .

He said:      Thought I’d just check in – I’m back in London. Wesley’s birthday today – 13 isn’t he? Oh – sorry –  I meant 12

She said:     Drop dead

We said:     Cynthia : unless you do something about Wesleys’ temper tantrums,  take him to the psychologist, you know it isn’t natural; if you don’t, we’re really sorry, but you’ll have to leave.

They said:   Wesley Baroda’s seriously bad news; been spoilt by his grandparents of course.

He said:      No, nothing to do with me – no I don’t know  Wesley Baroda; yes, it is an unusual surname, just a coincidence – I told you I don’t know him from a bar of soap; now bugger off and stop pestering me!

She said:     I can’t  – he couldn’t have – not Wesley – he loved his Nanna & Gramps – no-no-no-I can’t believe it – all that blood –  surely he couldn’t have… aaahhhhhhhh

We said:     ……………………

They said:   Absolutely shocking! that boy’s a monster – pity they dropped the death penalty


He said:         Time for me to change my name and do my disappearing trick.

She said:       I’m not eating that.  I want  to  die.

We said         ……..

They said:     We blame the education system  and  all those single mothers. Suppose two life sentences gets some justice for the Jenkins. By the way, did you hear about the axe murder in Lambeth?




7 responses to “SHORT-SHORT #2 : Prize Winning Entry!

  1. Very different! Loved the experimental style, it makes it very visual. The reader becomes a writer, filling in the gaps in their own imagination, yet the various messages come through clearly. Very clever!


  2. Thanks Laura – was worried, initially, that the judges might mistake it for a script – but luckily they didn’t!


  3. Pauline

    Excellent. Well done Alison, please can we have some more of the short stories? So entertaing.



  4. Pauline

    Excellent. Well done Alison, please can we have some more of the short stories? So entertaining


  5. What a terrific piece of Flash fiction, congrats Alison, you really deserved to win with this unique take on under 500- words..Ginny


  6. I love the style and hidden message of the effects of a son not having a father in its life… So true!

    Liked by 1 person

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