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Chocolat isn’t talking to me, ever since I wheeled my big green suitcase through from the garage.  She watched me balefully while I packed books, clothes, shoes, toiletries, gifts. Halfway through the process she stalked away, angrily swishing her tail. She knows from  bitter past experience that Suitcase = Cattery.

I’ve tried to ease the pain by offering her something light-hearted to read in my absence, like  P G Wodehouse’s Jeeves  novels – I always find Bertie Wooster very entertaining, and comfort myself that I don’t have fearsome Aunts to contend with.

Since that suggestion sank like a lead balloon, I tried again: what about Terry Pratchett and his wonderful Discworld novels I said?  Chocolat glared at me, swiped at my ankles with an angry claw and buzzed off for the rest of the day. Clearly nothing will suit Madam in her current bad mood, so she’ll just have to endure the durance vile, and for entertainment she can  shout loud abuse at the resident Staffies as they race around the lawn in front of the cattery runs.

So, dear readers, I shall be AFK as my friend Dr Sheldon Cooper would say – you don’t know Dr Cooper? The insanely picky genius scientist from TV’s Big Bang Theory?   Ag shame, as we say in South Africa. AFK = Absent From Keyboard.  I’ll be back – meanwhile: stay safe, stay happy and keep on reading!


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  1. Enjoy your trip, wherever it be.


  2. Safe trip, Alison – and holding thumbs that Miss Chocolat will in fact have a wonderful time in the cattery! Perhaps there’ll be a nice young tom-cat to take her mind off things…


  3. Zona

    Hi Alison Have a good, good time! R. Zonie.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Carol Els

    Ag shame…Poor Chocolat! Enjoy!


  5. Alison, the first time I read the first paragraph, I thought you were talking about chocolate as a food group, not a feline, and I nodded my head in agreement, “We’re not on good terms either!” 😉

    Also, I may have to start using “AFK” myself, because the moments I’m away from a keyboard these days are definitely in the minority!


    • The moment I saw the Big Bang Theory episode when Dr Sheldon Cooper patiently explains the meaning of AFK to Penny I had a light-bulb moment, & have used the term ever since. As for my cat Chocolat – she’s a stylish Burmese in a dark-brown chocolate coloured coat.


  6. Oh, cats! Chocolat sounds like my Pambu and Nangi.


  7. Jack knows when I am leaving as well. Gets into the case and refuses to move. Makes me all teary and I never ever worried about leaving home. Ag shame.


    • Madam Chocolat never gets into the suitcases – one of the few things she doesn’t do. We had loads of fun last night, when she brought home avery lively young frog which hopped briskly away from her claws and my rescuing braai-tongs. I grabbed it in the end, and posted it down a nice wet drain – hope it survived.


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