Uganda Collared Sunbird (Hedydipna collaris)

Uganda Collared Sunbird (Hedydipna collaris) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

B A K ?  Back at Keyboard, of course. Do try  to keep up.

If I sound a little waspish it’s because my return to home, cat and keyboard has not been a restful transition. After a delightful fortnight in Kwa-Zulu Natal, surrounded by family and friends, enjoying lunches, a prawn braai, a visit to a game reserve, an evening at the theatre, splashing in the swimming pool  – in short, that rare event, a relaxing holiday, my return was angst ridden in the extreme.

My brand new laptop got mixed up with another laptop in the overhead compartment of the plane, and I landed up with a battered old IBM in an identical carrying case. There was no identification in the case and the laptop was password-locked. 48 fraught hours later the dilemma was solved, laptops were exchanged, and I will never ever travel with un-labelled luggage again.

Meanwhile, back at the home front, on return from the cattery, Chocolat was being sociable and affectionate, and sharing quantities of little red ticks she’d picked up on her outdoor excursions. Three tick bites later (have you any idea how itchy tick bites can be?) much brushing and combing of cats, purchase of one tick & flea collar which did no good at all, purchase of more Frontline which is anti-tick monthly muti, the ticks seem to have abated. Now I’m waiting to see if I come down with tick-bite fever. I sincerely hope not. It’s unpleasant. Other family members have been bitten during trips to the bush, and laid very low thereafter.

In between these excitements, Chocolat caught a large dove, which she carted inside and proceeded to harass. Luckily I arrived while the bird was still alive, and confiscated it. Miraculously it flew when I released it into the garden, but then I spent a long time picking up dozens – maybe even hundreds – of tiny feathers inside the house. Ho hum.  And two days later Madam marched in and laid her latest trophy at my feet: one small scarlet-collared sunbird, claws pathetically still locked around the branch where it had perched. No problem to Chocolat, who brought the whole lot indoors, bird, branch, the whole jolly lot. At the moment I’m off my cat, in a big way.

My latest read has followed this trend: the Swedish bestseller Silenced  by  Kristina Ohlsson – the grim tale of a family murder. Suffice it to say the reader realises by the end of the book that it is very unwise to upset one’s siblings, lest they take revenge. Be especially nice to your siblings, lest they be harbouring old grudges, and are plotting, right now, how best to achieve your downfall – if not total extinction. You have been warned.

Yup: I’m B.A.K. But not with a happy smile on my dial.


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9 responses to “B A K & THE CARNAGE CONTINUES

  1. The Smidge

    Don’t be too hard on Chocolat, she is just bringing you gifts because you sorted out her ticks although just reading this has made me itch!


  2. Sue

    Commiserations, friend. Still, at least Chocolate is well and doing what, really, a cat is born to do. And so were the ticks, if you think about it. And, unfortunately, the birds too were doing what nature would have them do, -survival of the fittest and all that jazz. And you have survived it all 😀 Well done!


  3. I am so relieved to hear the laptop saga had a happy ending, Alison. Commiserations from me too on those nasty ticks! I hope you will be alright, and that your immune system will leap into the fray.

    As to the little bird – oh! I would be so distraught…. Thankfully, our Tuffkins is not the most efficient or skilled of hunters. But perhaps this is Chocolat’s way of saying, ‘Oh thank heavens you’re back! Please don’t go away again! Here, have something nice to eat! I caught it especially for you.’


  4. Enjoyed reading your blog this week Alison – Loved the comment about traveling WITH labels – this is exactly why we try to insist on travelers having their luggage labelled.


  5. I think that’s the downside of having cats; all the little presents they bring you and I’m like you, if there’s a chance of life I’m all for liberating


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