(JAP) : THE ELECTRONIC GENIE IS OUT OF THE BOTTLE What is JAP ? Just a paragraph – a stratagem to hoist me out of the writing doldrums in which I currently find myself. It will pass. Soon – I hope.

Last night I watched part of a BBC TV documentary titled Teens who are addicted to Porn. After a depressing 7 minutes I deleted it, and watched a much more entertaining crime serial. Seven minutes of spotty, addicted teenagers (all boys; there may have been girls later in the programme, but all I saw was boys) was enough. I know that teenage boys have always hidden dirty magazines under their mattresses/beds –it’s part of adolescence. But in the past the tacky mags were not so easy to source. Now, every kid with a cellphone, or access to a desktop has his/her tongue hanging out, and is glued to the screen. What have we done? We acknowledge we’re all dependent on the PC/the Smartphone/the tablet and they are unbelievably useful and handy. But access to porn – and there is a TON of it out there – is the dark side of the web. Fourteen year olds cheerfully admitted to being on-line porn addicts. I don’t know: there’s something drastically wrong somewhere. Any suggestions?




7 responses to “(JAP) : THE ELECTRONIC GENIE IS OUT OF THE BOTTLE What is JAP ? Just a paragraph – a stratagem to hoist me out of the writing doldrums in which I currently find myself. It will pass. Soon – I hope.

  1. Eileen Turner

    We didn’t watch it, Alison. Too upsetting!


  2. Sue

    Its a huge problem. My take on it is this:
    Teenagers, male and female, are always going to be fascinated by sex. Its in their hormones and quite natural. Where it gets unnatural is when, because of easy access to it, they stumble across the darker aspects, the real perversions, S&M, and much much worse. They are too immature and inexperienced to realise the dangers inherent to these sorts of activities, so their eyes open wider and wider, their hormones go into confused overdrive and addiction begins.
    The vast majority of these addicted teenagers are still living at home, so there is a clear solution to the problem, ie parental control. This can and in my opinion should be exercised in a number of ways, all easy:
    1. Restrict the amount of time allowed online.
    2.Set the device up with password protected age restricted site enablers.
    3.Follow through with above two, be consistent, and don’t engage in negotiations.
    Lastly, and this is idealistic I know, parents ought to spend more time with their kids, teenage or younger, in the great outdoors. This problem caused by the parents, not the teenagers.


  3. Alma

    To think my 12 and 13 year of old granddaughters could be looking at these sites, with peer pressure they get from friends who watch. They grow up with
    such a distorted views that influence their lives for ever. How do we control it?


  4. I’m not convinced that looking at porn is so harmful. I know several people who source it (most of them are gay) and they are perfectly normal people. Is the industry so exploitative of women? I understand that some of them make a good living out of it. And prostitution can be a good livelihood, too.

    Children, more savvy than their parents about things technological, will get round parental attempts to control their access to porn sites. My solution would not be to prohibit forbidden fruit but to point out the sheer absurdity of the industry. Alan Bennet’s play People, which included a scene of a porn movie being shot, made the point perfectly.


  5. Cricketrogers:
    Whilst I agree with you that ‘normal’ porn, per se, is not that harmful for teenagers, even children, to watch, it is only the first level, which once accessed on the net easily leads to stuff which in my opinion is most certainly harmful for immature and impressionable minds. I am sure you know the kind of stuff to which I refer…..bestiality, snuf fliks, the extremes of S&M, etc, etc.. Most teenagers, and certainly children do not have the maturity or experience to brush this ‘stuff’ off. Some of them will, no doubt, but others will be enthralled by it. Add this to a young person who is exploring their own sexuality, governed by their hormones to a large extent and by their natural urge to experiment with new things……the resulting situation can and often does lead them into dark and very dangerous waters.


  6. Lindsey van Heerden

    I never saw the show but I find it upsetting what the new norm for sex is. It’s so extreme. Don’t people snog and then end up ‘making love’ anymore? Experimenting is one thing but doing really weird stuff to just be like everyone else … worrying.


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