The time has come. I’ve washed you, rolled you up and put you in the donations bag. You’re the last jersey I ever knitted. Palest cream, synthetic wool, moss-stitch throughout. I’ve always liked moss-stitch, but it’s the very devil to knit – slow and fiddly. I can’t even remember when I knitted you. Probably fifteen years ago. I know the project languished, until my Mother firmly took it over and finished you. She made me promise never to knit another jersey, because I take so long to finish them, and she was tired of tidying up my knitting projects. She sewed you up so beautifully. Lovely flat seams. And I wore you, and wore you, and washed you and washed you, and you stretched and stretched and stretched until I could only wear you secretly at home, away from public view. You were so comfortable, so all-enveloping, just warm enough whatever the weather. RIP my old cream cardigan.Photo0075



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11 responses to “RETIRING AN OLD FRIEND


    Love it, Alison. I also have jersey’s like that. I am busy with one now, but had to stop until the eyes had improved. Now I have to sew up and do the polo neck . I LOVE the knitting up part, but HATE the sewing up!. Love Eileen

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  2. What a beautiful ode to your cardigan. Lovely memories.


  3. Please feel free to send this to Oregon! That is so lovely. What great work. I knit too, but not at this level, and I admire your work. I am sure someone will really enjoy wearing something handmade. Wow!


  4. Sue

    Beautifully written tribute to your woolly friend, Alison……lovely stuff!


  5. Our lives could be measured out in cardigans. I did have a go at knitting a sweater way back in the early 80s. I got half way up the back and there it stopped but I’ve still got it against the day when I have nothing better to do

    My favourite cardi is the one I’m wearing now. It’s from Marks and Spencer, mousy brown acrylic. My cousin cast it in my direction three decades ago. Like Alison’s, it can’t be worn in company but it’s part of my sleepwear ensemble along with the airline socks and fleecy pyjamas. Nothing cozier and good for another couple of decades if I last that long.


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