Just a few days into our brand new year. Howzit going?

According to the Tarot, this is a Chariot Year, Major Arcana Card #VII (7).



The Chariot VII From The Russian Tarot of St Petersburg Artist: Yuri Shakov

The Chariot VII
From The Russian Tarot of St Petersburg
Artist: Yuri Shakov


So what does this mean? It’s going to be an important year from the point of view of having to work hard, be disciplined, be focussed on what it is that you wish to achieve – especially on the spiritual and more elevated levels. But on the mortal plane, hard work and dedication are seldom wasted. We’ll all need drive, and determination, so buckle up folks and noses down – holidays are over.

Each of us has a personal Major Arcana Card for the year ahead. If you’d like to know yours, and a brief note about its significance, send me your day and month of birth, I’ll work it out. Suggest you pop the info into the  Comments box, after this post. There’s a formula to work it out, I do mine every year, and the info is personal to you, whereas the above remarks about Card VII apply to the entire planet, holus bolus.

Seven, by the by, is a karmic number and reckoned to be powerful. So if you find blessings and burdens arriving in your life from your past, don’t be surprised. This is the year for them to manifest.

Bon Voyage – I wish all my readers a happy, healthy, safe and fulfilling year.



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15 responses to “A SHINY NEW 2014 – THE TAROT OUTLOOK?

  1. Alison, how can I resist that invitation!!!!
    Born Jan 6th, 1940… do your worst! Ginny


    • Oh come on, Ginny – I shall endeavour to do my Best, not my worst! Your Major Arcana card is V(5) The Hierophant: you may find yourself either sheltering in, or fighting against, conventional traditions and ideas; religious issues could arise this year. Take your pick – Bon voyage! Just concentrate on the universal driving energy of the Chariot, Card VII – determination & hard work result in success, remember.


  2. Thank you! I shall email you, Alison.


  3. Louise Dale

    Hi Alison – I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you – with plentiful good health. Hopefully I will get to see you. My date of birth: 20 June 1954. Hopefully it will be an auspicious year as it is my big 60!


    • Hello Louise, lovely to hear from you. Your card is Major Arcana card VI(6) The Lovers: it signals a year of decisions and choices ahead, particularly in regard to romantic and other partnerships. Enjoy!


  4. Pauline

    great way to start the new year , shall email you, cannot resist.


  5. Alison – 3rd January 1955 – and Bon Voyage for your year ahead too!


  6. Nicole

    Hi Alison, I would love it if you could work mine out 🙂
    13th October


    • For you it’s Major Arcana Card XII (12) The Hanged Man: you may find that you face blocks & obstacles this year, and that nothing much happens despite plans, & you might also find yourself having to make some sacrifices. Have a good year.


  7. Gerda

    Dear Alison, I am wishing you a wonderful 2014. My birthday 17.04.1956.


    • Thanks for your good wishes, Gerda! Your personal year card is The Wheel, Card X. So! it’s a year when Destiny will play a role, when you will reap past rewards and burdens; whatever actions we take – whether good or bad, they all have consequences. Oh – and on a lighter note – you may just find that Lady Luck smiles on you this year. Go & buy a Lotto ticket!


  8. How interesting! Would love to know my personal card! October 5th is my birthday. Amateur tarot reader myself! Thank you for this fascinating information. I feel the trend already.


    • Your Major Arcana Personal Year card is Card XIII, Death. Before you dash off screaming, remember it is the supreme CHANGE card – old energies/events finally come to a natural end, and there’s room in your life for rebirth, new beginnings. Boldly approach radical change – go for it!


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