Gripping dystopian novel about survivors from the next Ice Age. The plot is straight forward – no particular surprises there, but the book excelled in creating a horribly credible  picture of poverty in a survivor society and exposing human greed, capitalistic class structure systems, the failure of a visionary scheme, in the face of an entrenched status quo. The under classes subsist in miserable slums, and mainly eat processed jellyfish and seaweed that is mass produced into a simulacrum of fast food – yuck! At the end of the novel I felt it would have been preferable to have been frozen by the encroaching ice rather than struggle in the hot, rainy filthy, hungry desperate underbelly of a new society on an overcrowded island. Uggh!  Bladerunner cubed! Steven Spielberg’s recent futuristic TV series Terra Nova portrayed a positively paradisiacal world, by way of contrast, and Terra Nova was no picnic …. Nothing like a grim dystopian novel to make one’s current circumstances seem excellent, despite our economic, criminal, political urban South African woes. Not to mention global warming.

Here’s a thought: maybe, at this early point in the 21st Century, this is as good as it’s going to get? Only an increasingly rapid downhill slope from here? What do you think?


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One response to “AMERICA PACIFICA by Anna North

  1. Birds Nest

    Yes I do agree – its as good as is gets “right NOW” – enjoy each day and each sunset.


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