To tweet or not to tweet …. that is the question. A thoroughly 21st century question it is too. Are we going to Twitter or are we not going to Twitter?

It became glaringly apparent at the Franschoek Literary Festival, that if you’re an author who’s looking to widen your readership and boost your book sales, then you’d better be out there Twittering briskly on your Smartphone and diving boldly into the Twitterverse. Or whatever it’s called. One wit told us that an amalgam of the predominant social media titles leaves you with the tag  Twitface … Do I want to be a Twitface? Do I need to be a Twitface? I’m already Facebooking and that’s time consuming enough. Will I land up with thumb sprain if I tweet as well?

I’m no Luddite, I’m all for electronica, but  somehow Twitter is a byte too far for me. When do the Twits find time to do anything else? Like write, and work on their books, for instance?  Or cook a meal/play with the cat/commune with their significant other? And do I want 4 000 followers eagerly awaiting my latest pronouncement on what I ate for breakfast, or some other equally vitally info-byte?

Two speakers at the Lit Fest compared Twitter to having a huge, noisy cocktail party yammnering constantly in their heads. No thank you. Not for me. I have enough trouble dealing with my own plethora of mental debris let alone time and headspace to take on other people’s Twitter Trivia.

I recall a very old children’s rhyme that said:

The Wise Owl

The wise old owl
Sat in an oak.
The more he saw,
The less he spoke.
The less he spoke,
The more he heard.
Why can’t we be like
That wise old bird?

‘Nuff said.




8 responses to “TO TWEET OR NOT TO TWEET ….

  1. Birds Nest

    My dear Alison – I LOVE your wise old owl………..and with twitter so true –

    As you said I find FB enough already and only glance when the kids in the UK past and even they don’t much anymore – its all about twitter – no thank you.

    I HAVE a life and do not need to know about the worlds as well! I love baking and chatting and meeting people – I sat at a restaurant on my own in Johannesburg last Friday having supper – my son was out – it was about 17h00 ( already dark) and there were two mothers with 4 “siblings” and I LOVE siblings…………..any shape or size or form – I love them – that is my strength and love – but that day I could have killed the kids until I saw “why” – the mothers were sitting opposite each other – the one of IPAD typing away and the other on her modern smartphone – typing away – not a word heard or said ( the owl not looking though- typing) did not even hear the kids screaming and running around the restaurant – I had to walk fast out of there after I paid as I was to “tell them off” and thought – not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

    So-twitter or twittering or answering or anything else they do with it – is where I draw the line- email and FB are already impersonal enough.

    By the by – no 2 beds for sale there owner to new owner ( no agents fees) ??? let me know

    Take care Judy Bird


  2. Marita

    I neither twitter nor tweet, I don’t do facebook. Have you seen how some people behave at restaurants? – they ignore whoever is at the table with them because their eyes and fingers are glued to their smartphones. It seems to be easier to communicate with the world at large rather than with those actually present.

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  3. Corinna

    I have a twitter account, and I have a following but I only tweet certain things at odd times, it is not a major thing in my life. I suppose if you use it instead of other social media like Facebook, then that is a different kettle of fish, bearing in mind that you are limited to 140 characters, but if you already use FB, as an example, then there is little or no point. If your audience are young adults who do use Twitter then maybe…


  4. Sadly we have to do whatever we can to “get out there” it comes with being an Indie author – I have no idea what it is to tweet – I just always click the button that offers me to “tweet this” I have read however, that we (writers) should only be tweeting things to do with our books – not what we ate for brekkers…so I stick to that formulae – it suits me


  5. Eileen Turner

    I loved this, Alison. I have now removed the Twitter and Linked bookmarks on the Bookmark bar. I am just not interested. I don’t really like Facebook but am thoroughly addicted!!!


  6. FB is addictive, isn’t it? can’t quite figure out why!


  7. I gave the matter more thought than it deserved and I came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t add, even 140 characters, to my already electronically filled day!

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