I’m feeling sad at the lack of Christmas cards this year.  Dec 25th is fast approaching and  I have no festive cards to display. One reason is the Postal Strike which has messed up, clogged, bollixed up, and paralysed the departure and arrival of mail. For four months we’ve either had no mail deliveries whatsoever, or – more recently –  sporadic deliveries of wodges of postal items, some of which date back as far as August.  I’m writing this post in mid  December.  I suppose this is proof that somewhere, in one of the vast Postal Mail Depot Warehouses, wekkers (South African pronunciation of the word ‘workers’) are unenthusiastically delving into the mountains of mail that have formed veritable mountain ranges within the warehouse.

Recently a picture was circulating on the Internet, purporting to show the interior of a Mail Depot in Joburg. When I looked at the photo, I wanted to weep.  Mail was spilling down to the floor, from overloaded metal racking. The floor was a sea of envelopes a  carpet of mail, on which were scattered plastic crates. Each crate was stuffed to overflowing with mail items. The piece’ de resistance was the shot showing the doorway to the Mail Depot.  The roller shutter-doors  were rolled up and letters had blown randomly over the tarmac into the yard …  Like I said, I felt like crying when I saw the picture.  I’m a lifelong supporter of the postal system: letters to friends and family, penfriends far away; magazine subscriber;  recipient of bills; mailer of parcels and cards on birthdays; and latterly, a keen member of the international postcard exchange called Postcrossing.

To sum up, I’m missing the usual display of Christmas cards: the bright reds and greens, the cards with sparkly glitter, all the kitch Santas, ho-ho-ing, the Star of Bethlehem cards, the whole jolly lot. But notwithstanding this, there’s a fair amount of Christmas cheer surrounding me, plus a couple of delightful unexpected gifts and I’ve found Pannetone (which I adore) in Food Lovers’ Market, so yes – Christmas is here. But my local Postman had better not knock on my door and ask for a “Christmas Box”.  Not this year! No way.

Wishing all my readers a happy and peaceful Christmas, and a New Year filled with health and happiness.



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7 responses to “CHRISTMAS CARDS

  1. Alma

    Have a blessed Christmas Alison. Enjoy the time with your family. See u at
    MJ in 2015. chao Alma

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  2. I saw that photo on FB too and didn’t believe my eyes! I don’t have words! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time and all the best for a healthy and Happy New Year!

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  3. Oh Alison, I share your pain. I didn’t even bother sending Christmas cards this year, because the strike was in full swing in Oct/Nov/Dec, when I usually write and send off all my cards. What happened with the SA Post Office is an unmitigated disaster. No wonder everyone’s going over to email, which just sucks. There’s nothing nicer than receiving a hand-written letter or postcard, but I fear, for South Africans at least, those days are over.

    The three calendars I sent off to friends overseas in November have not reached their destinations, despite promises from the local post office that they would *definitely* get there within a week to ten days – for which promise they extorted R90 for airmail delivery per calendar… almost as much as each calendar cost in the first place.

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  4. Thank you for this. It is a disgrace and so sad for the folk expecting cards this Christmas. I was grumbling at the chore of putting up cards yesterday but now I realise it was a privilege.

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