Here we are again, at the beginning of a New Year.

Somehow, 2014 whizzed by in a flash – it seems like only the other day that I was writing about the Tarot card that represented 2014  (Card VII, the Chariot) and the energies which it brings. Now it’s time to talk about the Tarot card for 2015 which is Card VIII, Strength.  In order to avoid tiresome wrangles over copyright, I’ve included an image from the Cape Town Tarot Association’s self-produced deck – the  CTTA member who designed this card was  Jenni Hodder.



Our Card VIII shows a Zulu maiden dancing below Lion’s Head mountain, part of the Table Mountain range in Cape Town, while the lion floats above, with a leminiscate (symbol of eternity) above it.

*Traditionally the card shows a maiden – white robed and flower wreathed (the Rider Waite image) – either opening, or closing, the jaws of a seated lion. Debate rages over whether its wrenching open or slamming shut : but either way – you’ve got to be confident and courageous to attempt such a manoeuvre with a lion!  And that’s one of the messages this card sends to us  – globally – in 2015:  cultivate the virtues of strength (both moral and physical) and courage. Some see the card as a depiction of  the triumph of spirituality  (maiden) over matter  (the lion). Take your pick, whatever appeals to you. *To see a traditional image of Strength, go to  and Google Rider Waite Strength VIII.

Card VIII also refers to Health, in general terms. We seem to grow more and more health conscious with every passing year, so here we go again. I have a memory of 2014 being the year of eating healthily, followed by  endless articles on the infamous Banting Diet, learned articles on the Neanderthal  Diet … etc, etc; whatever happened to Moderation in all things, I wonder? Each to their own, I suppose. Personally, I abide by the adage : a little of what you fancy does you good. This, combined with my  Rule of Half (i.e. I can eat anything I like, provided I eat only half the item; and as a further note: I don’t eat pizza ,steak, fudge, gooey chocolate cake, bunny chows, or any type of fast food so this is not as indulgent as you might suppose.  Half a biscuit? Half a square of chocolate? I rest my case.) It works for me.

Whilst I can’t claim to be that  clued up on Numerology, I do know that in the Tarot, Number 8 is linked with the powerful topic s of Money, Sex and Death.  Somewhat at odds with our gentle, pure Maiden on the card, but that’s life for you, full of contradictions.

Whatever the ins and outs of interpretations, I wish my readers a healthy, happy and above all, PEACEFUL,  New Year.



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4 responses to “ANOTHER NEW YEAR

  1. And a happy 2015 to you too, Alison. Thank you for your splendid blogs in 2014. I trust they will continue into the new year. I like your idea of eating half of everything.

    Good health

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  2. I did a reading for myself yesterday with the Rider pack (the one you kindly gave me). A five card spread. My future card was Strength, the only major in the spread. Interesting…….:)
    Keep these despatches coming, please, they give lots of happiness. If you were in military you would surely be mentioned in them!

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  3. Happy New Year! Really intrigued you read tarots


  4. Tarot was one of my big interests for many years; on the wane, latterly.


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