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Turns out that my day of birth was a Wednesday: I discovered this when doing a fun Internet thing  that asked you to “Click to see which was the Top Hit song on the day you were born.” (BTW: answer was “Daddy” – a song I’ve never heard of.  I’ve always  liked  “My heart belongs to Daddy “ – as growled by the magnificent  Eartha Kitt, but not just plain “Daddy”. ) Now I wouldn’t mind Eartha Kitt as a role model – love that purring voice, love the risqué limericks – I still own an LP – yes, genuine vinyl, of Eartht Kitt singing the  songs from the soundtrack of the 60s movie St Louis Blues.  Fabulous blues and jazz singing, and oh! that voice ! Not to mention the sexy chassis that housed it …

Anyway: this must mean I’m ‘Wednesday’s Child’ which the old rhyme tells us  ‘Wednesday’s Child is full of Woe’.  Oh dear! Not what I was hoping for. I’ve always aimed for chirpy and cheerful – well, on the whole: we all have our blacker moments, don’t we? When we get that envelope marked SARS (South African Revenue Services) or we open the phone bill and wish we hadn’t; or when we read in the newspaper that some horrible person has been shooting cats with his/her pellet gun, in the neighbourhood. And so on.

I’m half-Scottish, on my Dad’s side, and sometimes the Scots have a dour streak in them. On the downside I can be terse and too forthright.  Maybe this is  due to  being born on a Wednesday?

However, thinking about Wednesday’s Child reminds me of a child named Wednesday, that is, the fictional Wednesday Addams – from the Addams Family cartoon/film/TV series. That vengeful child: she of the rigid pigtails, black clothing, lowering expression and grim determination. A child not to be trifled with. A child filled with implaccable determination to achieve her (usually) black ends … Well – there’s nothing wrong with willpower and determination, is there? Good qualities, wouldn’t you say? Maybe I am Wednesday’s Child, after all.





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2 responses to “WEDNESDAY’S CHILD

  1. Judy Bird

    Love it   Absolutely love this post.  Never change LOVE the way you are. 

    Neva (spelt this way fir emphasis) get rid of your vinyls until you have called me alan bird. HUGE fan!  We still play then scratched and forlorn    We were dancing to Glen Milla the weekend!  So when you are ready to part with them let us know.  

    Take care. See you 01 August but am on email 

    Judy B 

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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