Just a Paragraph; these short snippets appear on my blog when I’m pushed for time and/or inspiration.)

There I was, en route to the shops, driving slowly through the entrance to the parking area, when I almost collected a mascot for my front bumper. Fortunately for the young guy using at the raised pedestrian crossing, I’m a slow, old lady driver, and I gave a tootle on my hootle, otherwise it would have been my Toyota Yaris v.s. Kid. And the score would have been Kid – 0, Yaris – goal! The kid had his head down, utterly absorbed with the screen on his mobile, totally oblivious to his surroundings. I mean – really! Hello? Earth to kid: there are cars on the roads & pedestrians need to keep their wits about them. While you’re crossing a street in a high-density traffic area it’s a brilliant idea to put your mobile in your pocket, and watch the traffic. Revolutionary plan, I know, but as a Survival Tip, it can’t be beat.




3 responses to “(JAP) A MASCOT FOR MY BUMPER

  1. Charlotte

    Excellent! Well-written. I would send this in to the newspaper in the form of a letter (do you want their email addresses?) – and even phone through to Cape Talk and raise this as a subject. (tel: 021 4460567) It is important for pedestrians as well as drivers. I went in to a coffee-shop recently. Every one sits alone and is absorbed in their laptops, I-pads or I-phones.

    I am still as sick as a dog. Coughing my lungs out – and my stomach and back are completely out of whack. (Hey, that rhymes.)

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  2. Dawn

    Ain’t that the truth! I often wonder if youngsters today realise what targets they are when walking along totally absorbed in their phones or even in the music blaring through the buds in their ears. Fortunately for you, Alison, your mascot only had his fingers involved and not his ears as well 🙂


  3. Shannon

    Had a good chuckle. Thanks Alison. I drove patiently behind a kid on a skateboard the other day. He was concentrating fiercely and couldn’t hear me because he was wearing earphones. After a while I also tootled my hootle, but my hootle is pretty loud and he lost his balance so it was kid staggering to the left and skateboard to the right…..he was seriously annoyed with me. I couldn’t stop laughing, but wondered what he would have done if someone had been coming down that road at a high speed with him monopolising car space…..


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