WINTER WOES  – from Chocolat


Chocolat the Literary Critic

It’s been terribly cold this winter. With my short coat, I feel the cold dreadfully. Fortunately my house catches the winter afternoon sun, so when possible I sunbathe on the bed in the spare bedroom. As you can see from the photo, its fairly comfortable.


In the mornings, if the weather is dry and the sun comes out, I relax on the patio table, soaking up the rays. Its sheltered from the wind, always a good thing on a Cape winter day.

My attendant has been quite good this year, heating up my personal hot-cushion and putting it into my Cat House (why are you sniggering? It’s a standard blue foam igloo. Hah! Humans!)She also provides under-cat-heating, in the evenings, while she watches her moving pictures. She has her uses.

At night I make a beeline for our winter feather duvet, which is lovely, if my attendant remembers to switch on the electric blanket. Life can be hard for a cat.




7 responses to “

  1. Shannon

    Lovely! 🙂


  2. Graham Johnson

    Does she pay rent? Or is she a guard cat????


  3. This sounds exactly like my cat! These icy-cold days of winter are hard for our bundle of purr too.


  4. Dawn

    Ah,Chocolat, you don’t know how good you have it. My human doesn’t have an electric blanket – she expects me to keep her warm! But when I try, no sooner have I settled (with much nuzzling and kneading – humans love that) – no sooner do I find just the right spot to curl into, behind her knees or on her hip, then, wouldn’t you know it … she forgot the remote, or must turn off the stove … life is so hard for a tabby (sigh). Blessings, Plum.


  5. Dear Chocolat
    Ah yes, Humans! They do have their uses. Mine attends to my needs pretty well too. I have nearly forgiven her for the misadventure on the Atlantic, but we don’t talk of that any more. I am getting used to this English weathet, its eady to grasp in a word: RAIN.


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