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My handbag has me cursing every time I leave the house. Where are my car keys? In which pocket/compartment/ cavity are they hiding? Where has my lipstick tucked itself away? Why has my pen disappeared? The handbag in question is a dull aubergine colour; not a colour I would have chosen, but I inherited the handbag, and being thrifty, I kept it. When I was younger (and therefore much richer) I indulged my passion for handbags – I had a handbag for every occasion, and then some. Snakeskin clutch? Check. Slinky black patent leather clutch? Check. Brushed tan suede carry-all? Check. Tapestry bag with gold chain handle? Check. And so on. You name it, I had one. But my handbag collection is now sadly reduced, and I’m using this sober handbag, which has a surprising number of pockets, both internally and externally. It has 8 zippered cavities, plus 4 non-zippered compartments. Can you believe it, in a bag of these modest dimensions? I measured the wretched thing, and can report it’s only 25cm long x 16cm high. Hardly large, you will agree, but it’s like an Accessories Black Hole: items popped into this handbag vanish. I can only conclude it was designed for female magicians. Now you see it, and now you don’t.

P.S.: I should add that I’m still lusting after a genuine ostrich skin handbag, and should I find one on a sale, I will buy it – if you can’t have one last extravagant fling at my age, when can you?



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  1. I’ve rather given up on handbags for everyday and now my rucksack is my friend. OK, it doesn’t look chic and it trips people up in auditoria but it holds my lunch and my life: phone, tablet, diary, notebook, Swiss army knives, tape measure, bus pass, make up, purse, shopping, cards all to hand and easy to find. The problems arise when for grand occasions, I need to use a conventional handbag and transfer things from the rucksack. Every time I find I’ve left something out: earphones, comb, shopper and, until I am reunited with the backpack, I feel bereft.

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    • Oh, I am so pleased to find a kindred spirit! Rucksacks are the best. They’re practically bottomless, comfortable to carry, leave the hands free, double as shopping bags, and can even hold my camera! 🙂

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