Veg curry

Others may note the arrival of winter by the onset of coughs and sneezes, cold fingers and toes or the late rising and early setting of the good old sun, but me?  As soon as the temperatures start to drop, I’m in my kitchen cooking away  like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m a keen concocter of soup.  My style of cooking might be described as ‘rustic’ (to coin an Australian Masterchef term) so Minestrone is a favourite, as is Sweet Potato soup (lots of warming chilli floating around in it). And then there’s a crazy recipe involving tinned tuna, tomatoes, rice and curry powder – you’ve no idea how delicious it is. I have to stop myself from buying additional cookery books on the fascinating topic of Soup. I could eat it, quite cheerfully, every day. Perhaps not at the height of our summer when February temps reach a horrible 35 degrees Centigrade, but other than this : lead me to it!

Today was a cook-fest of note: mutton stew, oven baked rice, oven-stewed guavas, diabetic muffins, and an enormous oven baked vegetable curry.  Apart from the fact that the guavas dripped sticky juice all over the floor of my oven, and the kitchen looks like  the barbarian hordes swept through recently,  the house smells fragrant, a mixture of guava and mutton stew, and I’m leaving the mountain of washing up until tomorrow. Enough for one day

One thing I’ve learnt over the years: washing up is very patient, and will wait a loooonnng  time for me to get around to it. Fortunately I own a lot of crockery and utensils. This mad passion for washing up the minute a crumb falls on a plate – not my style. Quite exhausting.

Furthermore, years ago I invested in a dishwasher, (the mechanical variety, not the two-legged male type) one of the best decisions I ever made. And I have vowed that when the current Bosch beast breaks down, which inevitably  it will do, I shall immediately drive to Makro , at top speed, without passing GO to collect my R200, and buy another one – I don’t care what it costs or how broke I am at the time. For me, a dishwasher is a household essential.

Visitors often express astonishment that I own (and use) a dishwasher. But you’re only one person !  they say, in baffled tones. So? I eat three cooked meals a day, plus there are the innumerable cups of tea and coffee during the day, not to mention frequent visitors who are hospitably fed and watered by yours truly. You bet I need a dishwasher!

But I’ve digressed: what’s your favourite winter food? I recently found a recipe for Aloo Gobi (a.k.a. potato and cauliflower curry) made one batch, and am winding up to making another batch – and the good news is that the Bosch capably removed the brilliant yellow turmeric stains from my casserole dish. It doesn’t get better than this.


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6 responses to “I’M COOKING UP A STORM

  1. Charlotte

    Hi Alison, I don’t have a dishwasher any more – hated the idea of dishes (which I’d already rinsed) hanging around in the machine for days before it was worthwhile switching it in – and then having to hunt among the unwashed crockery and cutlery in it for something I needed to use.
    But the mere thought of the smell of your soups, mutton stew, oven-baked vegetable curry and oven-stewed guavas, has made me drool.
    I suddenly feel an urgent need for a winter supper …

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  2. Im with you on the soup, Alison! Made me hungry just reading that…

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  3. Sweet Life of Sumi Singh

    I have been nagging my husband for ages to get me a dishwasher, sadly to no avail:( Although it helps that the dishwashing duties have been transferred to my daughters, much to their disdain, but hopefully one day we’ll get one and save precious time! Your post was mouth-watering 🙂 Like you I love soup in winter, warm and comforting – but I could not eat it every day though! Great post nonetheless:)

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  4. Hi Alison
    Loved your post. I have pleasant memories of the delicious soup, which you brought to me when I was ill. I’m sure that is what pulled me out of the grip of flu. As for dishes I’m with you on this. I’ve tried my best to cheer up this daily task by giving thanks for the hot water, suds, ability to do them, albeit not at all well! Nevertheless the only thing I probably dislike more than a pile of dishes (and I use every untensil when I cook) is a pile of dirty dishes first thing in the morning. Whoever invented the dishwasher should recieve a great Peace Prize as I’m sure the machine has prevented many a family war. Enjoy the food!


  5. Eileen Turner

    Loved this, Alison.

    As I am now mainly vegetarian, I cooked up some beef and chicken for Eric for when he came out of hospital. I enjoy having a big cook out. Lots of love Eileen


  6. Judy Bird

    Soup. Soup and more soup. Winter favorite. Dumplings? You gonna share Aloo recipe? Sounds “delish”. C u 2moz 15h00. Judy b

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