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(Just a Paragraph:  when I’m short of time and/or inspiration, I keep my blog ticking over with ‘just a paragraph’: random thoughts, reflections, comments, ideas … little snippets)

You’re probably thinking: Huh? Weird title for a blog post. What’s she on about now? She cleaned out her fridge – join the dots, people, work it out for yourselves. Odd though it may seem, I don’t mind doing housework. It’s not my #1 favourite occupation, but that said, in the spirit of the Zen practitioners, I just do it. I attack tasks in small, bite sized chunks, when the spirit moves me. No timetable. Just as and when either I feel like it, or the task can no longer be ignored. The fridge cleanup fell into the last category. I ruthlessly tossed any item that was past its BB (best before) date. Out went two jars of mayo, and an elderly bottle of chutney. I’m now mayo-less, but hey, its winter. Not salad time. The true horror story was a bottle of green Madagascar peppercorns – 2012 no less, and sporting a spectacular crop of green mould. Pretty colour, though. I recall buying them specially for a new recipe which I tried out. Recipe tried, and the peppercorns languished. I bet you’ve got some fancy ingredients growing whiskers in your fridge too. I double-dare you to ‘fess up!


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3 responses to “(JAP)  TYPHOID, ANYONE?

  1. Hee hee! I can identify with that, Alison. Riggggghhht at the back of my veggie compartment was a very deceased cucumber, so wrinkled that even botox couldn’t save it, Now I need to look at my desk drawers, so full of paper stuff that I can barely wrench them open. See what you have started…


  2. Eileen Turner

    Sounds like me, Alison. I have just thrown out a packet of Koeksoda (in Afrikaans, nogal!). I don’t know why I had it anyway; I think it was to throw on a kitchen fire, so I don’t suppose the expired date was relevant. It’s a good feeling though to empty the pantry and frig. I also only do bite-sized housework these days..

    I have loved all your humour recently.

    We have Aldi and Lidl supermarkets in UK, both of which are German. Although they are at the bottom of the list, many middle class people are using them now due to their prices and quality. Their rise to fame started in the recession, but has continued. In our village of Ecclesfield, we have 3 stores. Morrison’s is the equivalent of Pick’n’Pay. the Co-op is expensive but does a lot of Fairtrade stuff and the new Aldi is taking the business away from Morrison’s. I take the Good Housekeeping Magazine, which assigns Approved status to various products, and Aldi comes out very well. So, many of us go to Aldi first and when we cannot buy a product at Aldi, move on to Morrison’s. Aldi’s fruit and veg is far superior to other shops now.

    Glad to hear that you are so busy; that’s good.

    Our TG has had a tragedy, which has upset me mightily. Pat Granger has one son who lives in Sweden permanently with his Swedish wife and family. There is also another son who lives close to Pat and Stuart in our area. Pat and Stuart always go to Sweden every August for a few weeks. This year, as Michael and his family (from our area) were going for a couple of weeks, Pat and Stuart were only going for a fortnight. Whilst Pat and the Swedish family were out shopping, Stuart would do DIY jobs. He fell of a ladder, broke his neck and was in a coma for about 10 days, brain dead, and has just finally died. Such a tragedy, such a wonderful couple. We don’t know what is happening yet but, it has been very upsetting for us all. Almost a year since Andy died too. Far worse for Pat and family, of course, than for us.

    I am not looking forward to Tuesday’s meeting, but, Tuesday will come and go. There was also another funeral last Friday, but Eric and I didn’t go because it was a Police funeral, which had a turn out of well over 250. Eric still doesn’t feel up to anything of that nature, where he might not have had a seat. He is slowly recovering but it is taking much longer than we were expecting; his age, I suppose.

    Other than that, we have had some good weather this year but this weekend, a Bank holiday week and it has not been good and heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow.

    All for now, Alison. Stay well and lots of love Eileen xx

    Eileen Turner E-mail: eileen.eileenturner.turner@gmail.com

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  3. Right there with you! Cleaned mine out not long ago and played Guess That Moldy Leftover as well! Loved your post!

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