Recently I  took refuge in an uber trendy coffee shop in Cape Town CBD. The rain was belting down, it was cold, and coffee was the answer.  The place was packed, and I had to wait for a table. To my surprise, the hostess offered me a chair, so I could sit and wait. Okay. Very nice of her. I appreciate random acts of kindness.

Let it be noted that I wasn’t complaining about having to stand and wait for a table. And although ancient, I do not go around with a Zimmer frame, cane and guide dog. Nor am I decked out in snooty twin set and pearls, shod in brogues. I’m wearing leggings, long sleeved tees, scarves and coats like everybody else. Note to self: to update ancient image I obviously need to buy a pair of high-tops a.s.a.p. Clearly my Skechers are not cutting it.

When I was finally led to a table, the pert little waitress was solicitous, and finished every verbal exchange by patting me tenderly on the back. I began to feel like an elderly Labrador who’d wandered in from the rainy day, seeking refuge. Or possibly I’ve been reclassified as a National Treasure, a la the Japanese. Anybody over 90 years in Japan is automatically awarded National Treasure status. A great idea, by the way.

I finally worked it out: I was the only person in the place not glued to my Smartphone or laptop. Dead giveaway. Pensioner Alert: beep-baa, beep-baa. And, P.S. the cute little waitress tried to con me out of my change when I paid for my coffee. I gave her the beady eyeball and growled: Make a plan, sisi! She reluctantly gave me my change. Bah! Don’t mess with Senior Citizens! Like Labradors, they’re inclined to bite.




  1. I am so blissfully unaware of how others might perceive my age I am always a little bit surprised when people act as if I am some sort of elder. Little do they know….

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  2. Judy Bird

    By the way. Loved this. I am rather comfortable in the tag of stray elderly Labrador ( although have catching up to do) the new age glued to smartphones ; iPad and such are breeding another generation of children. Watch the “families” have “family” outings. Kids are bored ; cause trouble et al as mom and dad are engrossed in the social activities of face book and such. Or the children have their own and are engrossed in such as well. lOVE being an elderly Labrador and watching these people as I dip my coffee. People watching has become a favorite pastime. Try it! Love it! You learn a lot.

    Have a beautiful Monday. LOVE your posts. This one is a keeper.


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    • Thanks Judy – when I see people meeting in coffee bars etc ignoring each other, because they’re glued to their devices I think: why bother? Nothing beats contact with a real, live, walking, talking human being!


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