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I really should not browse in bookstores. The results are inevitably fatal. On Saturday, Bargain Books window display of Adult Colouring Books drew me instantly, because I’ve been trawling my on-line bookstores, looking at them, so it was good to be able to page through an actual book. Online book buying is frustrating, in that you get only a glimpse of the product. Nothing beats a good page through. Which, in this case, proved useful: many of the books had a very heavy black design style, with more black lines than free white paper to decorate. In the end, I succumbed and bought Japanese Patterns (Creative Colouring for Grown-ups) – what a treasure! I’ve always liked Japanese design, Japanese art, pretty much all things Japanese, including sushi and wabi-sabi (no you don’t eat it; look up the link) and I find Japanese textile designs particularly attractive. So: my spare bedroom gets the winter sun after lunch, and there you’ll find me colouring in, supervised by Chocolat basking on the spare bed. Bliss all round.




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4 responses to “*(JAP) ADULT COLOURING BOOKS

  1. Judy Bird

    This sound and looks very soothing and relaxing. Shall get hubby or Nicky to pick me one up. Thanks for tip. Love Jap art too and the fact that you can make your own wrapping paper Nd end of book is extremely rewarding.

    Better every day.

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  2. Eileen Turner

    Dear Alison

    They are all the rage here, too. I succumbed recently but have not yet had the opportunity to sit colouring! It’s a good idea and I look forward to having something to do when the long nights draw in. The clocks go back on the 25th of October so by 21 December, it will be dark by +/- 3 p.m. Very long evenings and nights. Will answer your lovely catch up message later today. Love Eileen

    Eileen Turner E-mail: eileen.eileenturner.turner@gmail.com

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  3. Dawn Rae

    Yes, I’ve been admiring adult colouring books from afar … I know what will happen if i get too close and don’t have bucks right now. But maybe a selfie-Christmas-gift …. hmm


  4. My 17 year old has her Animal Kingdom book sitting on the mantelpiece and I catch her filling in a tail or adding a flourish here and there sporadically. I got a copy for me at the same time, but sadly mine sits there rather unloved. I don’t know whether I feel I need to do it justice by sitting for a longer period of time colouring it in, or if I just don’t pause for that mindful moment often enough…?

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