I’m going to be AFK, en route to another Family Wedding. A juicy topic for blogging.

Who gets invited?  Distant family  members who only appear at Weddings and Funerals, and are mortally offended  if they’re not invited.   Then there’s the gossip about those who were/were not invited, the whispers about long-standing feuds – excursion into tribal history. Most of it unedifying, all of it fascinating.  Families!

And then the vexed question of What to Wear?   As the matriarch of my small family, I cannot lurk in the back pew in a comfy pair of trousers and my Skechers .  So I’ve been combing the shops for something – anything ! – that doesn’t cost the earth, and which I will be able to wear on other occasions. My clothes have to march bravely on for years and years.

Additionally, I don’t lead a life filled with dressy occasions, so I don’t have anything in the cupboard to fall back on.  Apart from my beautiful simple white jacket, made for me by my dear Mother at least 17 years ago. It gets hauled out for infrequent grand events. Because its a polyester linen it washes like a dream – thanks Mum – I wish I’d asked you to make me a black one, and a navy one, and perhaps a yellow one too. Alas: too late now.

So:  the cat-sitter is organised, the suitcase is semi-packed. I’m scurrying around like a demented meerkat tying up loose ends, crossing off lists, adding diary notes –  aaarrgggh … I’m my own worst enemy – too many projects, despite my 2016 resolution not to be so busy.  Note to self:  After Easter – say ‘NO’, and relax on the couch with your tapestry.  Okay. Will do.

Meanwhile, dear readers  Chocolat is holding the fort, terrifying the house-sitter while I gad around the Republic.  Toodle-ooo!


*afk –  Absent from keyboard




9 responses to “*AFK/FAMILY WEDDINGS

  1. Zonie Williams


    Zonie Williams. 083 436 9962 Sent from my iPad.


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  2. Eileen Turner

    Enjoy, Alison. Our turn next in Sussex.xx

    On 6 Mar 2016 7:00 a.m., “despatchesfromtimbuktu” wrote:

    > alison41 posted: ” I’m going to be AFK, en route to another Family > Wedding. A juicy topic for blogging. Who gets invited? Distant family > members who only appear at Weddings and Funerals, and are mortally offended > if they’re not invited. Then there’s th” >

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  3. Charlotte

    You speak (or write – and so well ) on behalf of many people, Alison, who find themselves in the same boat. I learned something from my grandmother…. “Go shopping in your wardrobe. You’ll probably find you have the best already there.” Have a wonderful time!


  4. Have fun, be safe xx


  5. The costume designer who turned up at the Oscar ceremony in a cheap black leather jacket maybe gives us the clue that it’s more important to be comfortable than to follow the pack. So ,subs yiur Sketchers could set a trend?.

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  6. What a hilarious post – found myself nodding in agreement when it came to your remarks on ‘what to wear’!

    We hope you thoroughly enjoy the wedding and all the entertaining stuff around it, Alison. And remember to bring home an appropriate gift for Chocolat, as you’ll have to beg for forgiveness when you return.

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  7. Sounds like Chocolat is going to be in her element…. ! and you too, in the white jacket…


  8. Lindsey van Heerden



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