Chocolat here.  I’m speaking to you from my cat’s cave. See pic above. I’m in there, trust me, it’s the warmest place. Because my fur is such a rich, dark brown, you can’t see too much of me – maybe my two eyes, and not much else.  Human eyesight is so feeble, compared to mine. I’m perched on my warmed grain-bag . I’ve trained my Personal Assistant to warm it in the microwave during winter. Because my fur is so short, I feel the cold dreadfully.

Since returning from The Wedding my PA hasn’t been very productive. She seems to spend hours with her nose in a book. I have never understood humans’ fascination with those things. I think they’re terribly dull, they don’t move, or run like lizards and mice. I can’t see the point of them. Anyway, my meals are still arriving at regular intervals, as well as early morning milk, so that’s the main thing.

I’m in good health and spirits as you can see from my pic at the end of this post. No doubt my PA will return to her keyboard. Perhaps when it’s warmer? Watch this space – Chocolat.


20160529_155652 (2)






  1. I’m more of a dog person then a cat person but Chocolate is absolutely gorgeous. He/ she seems to have you well trained…

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  2. Lindsey van Heerden

    Beautiful moggie 🙂

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  3. A Comment submitted by Miss Tuffy-Cat: “Ahh, Chocolat… I am so pleased you finally got a chance at the keyboard to write your own blogpost. You have such a cosy looking home. I have finally trained my Mom to provide me with my own hot water bottle every day/night. The fan heater wasn’t effective enough – unless I stand *right next to it*, but then it’s like standing in a howling (hot) gale. Rather tricky to keep your balance. Thankfully, Dad recently hauled out the oil heater from the garage. With my nose buried between the fins, I can just about stave off the freezing temperatures. Hopefully we’ll make it through the winter!”

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  4. Charlotte

    Hi Chocolat. Loved hearing from you. Your beautiful brown fur also reminds me of all the different kinds of chocolate I love – i.e. KitCat.
    I am the substitute PR for 3 cats who regularly visit me For obvious reasons, they are called Patches, Stripes and Tuxedo(completely black and white).They like to lie on the bench or behind a bush where, when they’re not dozing, they keep a watchful on any birds, squirrels or insects – and generally catch up on their thoughts. It sometimes takes them whole day. I was also PR to Purrdy who loved to drape herself over my computer. She was the first cat to ever have a poem published in a book called ‘Dog Poets Society’. Will send it to your PR to pass on to you. Keep warm, snug and in touch.
    Charlotte (Your human sound-a-like)


    • Chocolat says you are so fortunate to be graced with the company of 3 obviously gorgeous and talented cats. My PA and I look forward to the poem, even though it does appear in a book with a difficult title : Dog Poets etc.


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