Yet again I’m re-classified.  See my April 2015 post : APPARENTLY I’M A STRAY, ELDERLY  LABRADOR DOG . This time I’m doing the re-naming. Not the younger generation.  By now you’re thinking: what? has the woman discovered an unpalatable truth about her heritage? No, no dear readers. For many years, S.O.B.  was the euphemism used in American fiction to avoid the insulting term “son of a bitch”.  I am now using the term to describe myself as a Silly Old Bat. Much more ladylike, and absolutely true.

Why am I admitting to being a silly old bat?  I recently used my Mastercard to buy a theatre ticket on-line, and I hesitate to admit this, punched in the wrong pin number. What’s more, I used the wrong number three times.  Consequently, my bank refused to have anything to do with further transactions on my Mastercard. this in turn meant I had to go to the Bank, grovel, admit to being a  s.o.b. and   … oh it’s a boring story, and proves that old women frequently get their brains in a tangle, despite valiant efforts to  avoid making silly, old lady mistakes.

Like I said: I’m a S.O.B.  Disempowered by a pin. Aging brain cells betraying me yet again. Pins usually keep two objects together don’t they? Think safety pins. My Mastercard pin did nothing of the sort. It proved to be my un-doing.

The poet who proclaimed Grow old along with me/The best is yet to be, definitely wasn’t living in the electronic age. Furthermore, he was way off beam with this couplet. Old age has very little to recommend it let alone qualify for inclusion in the Best category.



6 responses to “YUP: I’M AN S.O.B.

  1. Happens to all of us!! You are not alone!

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  2. Indeed. This happened to me the other day when asked to tap in my four (yes, yes, only four) digit pin number when paying for groceries with my Visa card. I have used this pin number every other day for over five years with no memory problem at all (or since, so far). No, my friend, there is nothing for it, but to wear purple, spit in the street and claim SOB heritage! x

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  3. Yep. I concur wholeheartedly. I am also a S.O.B. and proud of it. Moi


  4. Oh, Alison, I feel for you. With so many different logins and passwords and pins and pass phrases and one-time-passwords, it’s a miracle we don’t need to grovel at the bank more often! You’re doing well, glad you got it sorted. Hugs!


  5. I love the way you view life! Thanks for making me laugh!


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