Can someone please  tell  me where the cucumbers have gone? By which I mean proper cucumbers, like we used to have in the Olden Days. You know: a short 6 to 8 inches – sorry, my brain doesn’t work in centimetres – stout , tubular, yellowish-green vegetable that was plentiful, and also cheap. In fact, they were as cheap as chips. No longer. The only options available now are the long, dark green  English cucumbers, shrink wrapped to extinction. Not only this, they cost the earth. Must be the cost of the plastic shrink wrap. And don’t get me started the topic of plastic. I shall stow away my soapbox and continue my rambling train of thought.

And here’s another thing that appears to be heading for the horizon and disappearing at a rapid rate. The fax machine. Yes – you heard me.  Cape Talk Radio recently revealed that there’s a generation of young people mid teens to early twenties, who don’t really know what a fax machine is. They are of course totally up to speed with anything electronic. Need to transmit a document?  Sure! You scan it in. Of course. You want what? To fax it ? no … uh uh – our copy shop doesn’t do that. I kid you not.

I can recall, in the mid-80s attending a demo of the new gadget that was going to revolutionise office admin forever. We watched open-mouthed as the rep showed us how the contraption worked. We gasped in admiration. It was like magic! It was revolutionary. I remember thinking: this is going to change business forever. And the fax machine did. No more posting a letter and sleepily waiting for a reply a week later. No way. This was INSTANT. No more “we haven’t got an answer yet – we’ll let you know”.

I was correct. Business was never the same again. The (now archaic) fax machine was the lumbering forerunner of the electronic age.  How things have changed in the last thirty years. As they do, as is natural.

But I still want to know: where can I find a decent cucumber?




7 responses to “GOING, GOING, GONE

  1. Those old fashioned cucumbers were never crisp and often soggy and you had to peel off the tough skin. Don’t be a cucumber luddite Alison!


  2. bkoellne bkoellne

    I haven’t seen one here in ages either, unless it was growing in someone’s back yard.

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  3. I can sympathise with yiur feeling about losing things we valued and finding the replacement is not half as good. Generally the quality of fruit and vegetables here in uk has deteriorated so they often taste of nothing but water. I haven’t had a decent tomato or pepper for years. They are all grown under plastic and often don’t even get rooted in soil so never get the nutrients or the sun. It’s all apparently to make food more affordable but what’s the point if it doesn’t have flavour?..


    • Believe it or not but in our strong African sunshine tunnel-grown-veg also exist. I suspect the tunnels are on account of arid, dry or erratic rainfall. Much easier to irrigate in the enclosed space of a tunnel. But I agree: flavour? not so great.

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  4. I think you’ll have to plant & grow your own cucumbers.

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