I am happy to report that I am now able to resume my normal routine of sunbathing and napping. My Personal Assistant is back on duty and has stopped lounging around on our bed. About time too.

However I must admit the Junior Substitute  PA did a good job. My meal schedule was uninterrupted and she certainly brushed me more often than my PA does.

All in all, it’s a relief to be back  to my  usual routine. Nurse-maiding a human is terribly time consuming and frankly, not my designated occupation.  I’ll leave you now, I have a date with my favourite cushion on my veranda chair.


(Thanks to Regine Lord for her superb pics; all pics copyright RL)



3 responses to “MARCH 2017 UPDATE FROM CHOCOLAT

  1. An update from Miss Chocolat herself at long last! It was an honour to visit Her Feline Majesty yesterday. Next time, I shall bring some ‘nip!


  2. What a gorgeous cat – and doesn’t she just know it! Glad to hear you are no longer “lounging around “.

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  3. Charlotte

    Thanks for the update .Chocolat. We all appreciate your caring and kindness during the past few weeks. .. But time now to get back to your usual routine. After all, there’s only so much any self-respecting cat can take! Patches, Stripes and Tuxedo send their fond regards.

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