Not of my body, let me hasten to add. Maybe I chose a misleading title for this piece.

No, no, dear readers: of my overflowing cupboards.  A blitz on the dreaded STUFF, which I have written about before. I’m not a hoarder, but it’s astonishing how stuff accumulates. Gifts, raffle prizes, sale bargains, retail madness. Regardless of the source, my cupboards are overfull.

My friend Emily inspired me to phone The Guys – she used them when she had a mega-purge of her very large house. Result : ruthlessly tossed mountains of STUFF – ornaments, bric brac, travel souvenirs, you name it –into the pile it went . The Guys arrived in their bakkie, armed with cartons, crates and ready cash (yay!) packed it, loaded it, and drove away.

I spent a hot, sweaty Sunday extracting unused item – you never know, one day I might … Sound familiar?  Out came the pristine manual typewriter, in its metal case, that I’d been keeping for the day when I retreated to the Karoo to a farm cottage sans electricity, and sans electronic aids,  to write my award winning novel. Dream on, lady. Never going to happen. Out it went.

Extra flower vases  acquired from florists’  arrangements, sent by daughters. You can always send me flowers for a birthday, I love them  – but what to do with the vases afterwards? You sell them to The Guys, that’s what!

Old, chipped ornaments, which I was definitely going to repair one day . Truly, that is the deadliest phrase in my life: one day I will …   Complete the sentence. The One Day tasks sink below a wave of accounts to be paid, vet appointments, medical appointments, meetings. No to mention the craft projects. Not even going there!  And so it goes. As you well know. And one day  is yet to arrive.

Out went my once prized collection of stone eggs. I went through a phrase when I was intrigued by gemstones, and it was fun to collect them. That phase has passed. Now I’m bewitched by postcards and Postcrossing. Lotsa fun. Can you see the butterfly mind effect at work here?

I assembled the rejects on my dining room table. There was the gigantic electric wok which was so big it wouldn’t fit into any cupboard, so has been sulking, unused, in the garage. Out it went. Here was a box with a new light fitting for the bathroom. Never installed, for technical reasons. And here – a real blast from the past: a box of stiffy disks. Remember those? PC’s are no longer manufactured with a slot in which to insert them, so …

The box of silver Apostle teaspoons that you can’t put in the dishwasher? Sorry. Bye bye. No longer of use.  But the wad of money The Guys gave me is definitely of use. Time, effort and sweat well spent. I plan to spend the cash on theatre tickets. I am definitely not buying any more STUFF.  That’s a promise!









5 responses to “THE GRAND PURGE

  1. Judy Bird

    Love it. You have inspired me. “When I get back “. Bye. Go from strength to strength. Anything you would like from Blighty let me know on WA.

    Hugs. JB

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  2. Ecoecho

    I have to say I blanched at the electric wok as I would have bought that off you. But hey ho, it has probably gone to a good home. I did a huge declutter when I arrived back from the UK 10 years ago. Mostly the ex’s stuff, and need to do another. As you say, it is amazing how it mounts up – seemingly from nowhere. I did declutter a load of clothes this last weekend. The garage is one place I need to get stuck in – when I have the time…


  3. Sweet Life of Sumi Singh

    Hilarious! I need the guys number, have a ton of things to get rid of. But first have to get past Neil as he’s such a hoarder!

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    • I can give you the tel number for The Guys if you want. However, suggest you look back to my post about the Japanese guru of Tidying up , Marie Kondo. Her tip of holding an object and asking the question “Does this spark joy?” worked so well for me. I posted the Kondo article on 15 August 2016. “Sparking Joy or Should it be Terror?” if you want to look it up.

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  4. My recent move made me take a hard look at my stuff as well. It wasn’t easy and I am still purging since the move. It is a work in progress! I admire you for your courage to let it go!


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