Really?  Is there no end to the health warnings? Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t eat fried foods.   Don’t be overweight. Don’t eat tuna – it’s full of poisonous minerals. Don’t eat processed meats . Don’t eat too much salt. Don’t eat sugar. And now TOAST? Is nothing sacred?  But, the BBC – a source I trust – solemnly advises us that we need to carefully toast our morning slice to a pale golden colour – any browner, and we are at risk. Yet again. I give up. It seems that anything and everything is waiting to ambush us, and the results will be fatal. Pass me the boiled lentils and a nice glass of pure spring water. Sigh. Read the article and depress yourself.


*(Just a Paragraph:  when I’m short of time and/or inspiration, I keep my blog ticking over with ‘just a paragraph’: random thoughts, reflections, comments, ideas … little snippets)




  1. I have not trusted the BBC for quite a while now. And this just takes the biscuit.

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  2. Charlotte

    I don’t eat plain bread! I never make sandwiches. I don’t eat insipid pale golden coloured toast. I ONLY eat crisp brown toast with fried eggs, with cheese, with jam and any other tasty toppings.
    Not being a ‘spring-chicken; any more, I’d rather eat crisp dark-brown toast for the rest of my life, than deprive myself of one of its basic pleasures. … and on that erudite philosophical note, let’s raise our glasses and drink a toast (crisp and dark brown) to life and love.

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  3. This ‘advice’ isn’t coming from the BBC but from ‘food scientists’ who clearly have too much time on their hands to be coming up with such spurious research and then passing it on as fact…..


  4. Long or short I love your blog; especially with a slice of toast and tea! Cheers!


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