Today I discovered a new literary blog  on WordPress – dolcebellezza  thanks to the industrious blogger on bookertalk.wordpress.com  who is a marvellous source of info on literary topics.  Anyway, when I was reading the About  section on dolcebellezza,  she made an interesting remark on the topic of Slow Blogging, saying that having reached her 10th Blogging Anniversary (I’m impressed) she’s come to realise the  satisfaction of Slow Blogging. The capitalisation is mine, not hers. In essence it’s about  no longer being driven, or feeling you have to blog daily – or weekly – or instantly – whatever crazy targets you have set for yourself. Instead you blog whenever you have the inclination  and take time to enjoy the process. Kind of like the  Slow Food movement  I suppose? Things that take a long time to cook, whether prose or pumpkin, generally taste much nicer when you get to savour that deep flavour.

Theoretically I have a target of one blog per week, for each of my two blogs * but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Does it matter? Hell no. I blog because I enjoy it, so  less of the whip and treadmill technique can only be good news.

*(Just a Paragraph:  when I’m short of time and/or inspiration, I keep my blog ticking over with ‘just a paragraph’: random thoughts, reflections, comments, ideas … little snippets)





6 responses to “*(JAP) SLOW BLOGGING

  1. Alison, thanks for putting me on to Bookertalk – its so informative about WordPress in general and now I know the place to go if I want to ask questions about my WordPress site. Which I just about never look at!


  2. Hello – I may have given the wrong impression – her blog is mainly about books, literature & reading.


  3. I look forward to reading both your blogs, be they flooding in or dripping slow and sure! Just don’t stop! X


  4. I try to review a book once a week, but it doesn’t always happen! To consistently write and read is what I shoot for.

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  5. Less of the whip and treadmill indeed!

    Loved how you went gaming; I did that with my son for a school event two years ago, and while I enjoyed the time with him, it left me less than thrilled. However, we need to stay current, n’est ce pas?

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