Whilst happily browsing in a bookstore on Saturday, and fighting the urge to buy yet another notebook, I found a spiral bound, hard-covered notebook  with the title “INTERNET PASSWORDS”.  My first reaction was: what a good idea!  All the passwords in one place, quick and easy reference. No more ratty little bits of paper.  And then I thought: Hang on a mo. If the password notebook is on your desk, or in public view, then what is to stop other people from snooping? Or – even worse –ransacking your bank account? Spending thousands on your on-line shopping sites?  Maybe not such a good idea. I wonder where you keep your passwords?  Because I have different passwords for most of my accounts, I have to write them down, that’s for sure.  And I’m not telling you where I keep them. Yes:  I confess to having  a nasty suspicious nature. Actually, the word ‘password’ is a misnomer.  Swear words usually ensue, on this topic.  Especially when trying to persuade some nitpicking electronic genie to accept your new password.  Too short.  Too long. Not enough numeric symbols. Too many alpha symbols.   **!!@#!**&%#$@!!!!**

*(Just a Paragraph:  when I’m short of time and/or inspiration, I keep my blog ticking over with ‘just a paragraph’: random thoughts, reflections, comments, ideas … little snippets)





12 responses to “*(JAP) INTERNET PASSWORDS

  1. For your peace of mind, passwords don’t need to be so complicated: they just need to be long. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/08/08/man-wrote-password-bible-admits-advice-completely-wrong/

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  2. Charlotte

    One guy used “incorrect’ as his password. So every time he tried to log on to something and it invariably said (as it always does), “password incorrect ‘ it would remind him what it was.

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  3. The bane(s) of my existence…

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  4. That little book was a good idea, so why not just cover it and call its Granny’s recipes! “

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  5. shannon els

    Indeed Alison. There is also an app you can download which holds all your passwords, but what if you forget the password that opens that app?
    I got so annoyed the other day trying to “create” a new password – to get told it is too weak, to short too blah blah, Eventually I typed “F*ckyou” as my password only to be told “Sorry that password is already in use”

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  6. ’ So I don’t.
    I got so harried the other day trying to “create” a new password – to get told it is too decrepit, to unforesightful too blah blah, Eventually I typed “F*ckyou” as my password only to be told “sad that password is already in use of goods and services”


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