Sometimes everything works in your favour. Just for once!  Such was the case when Nina & I visited the Postberg Flower Reserve within the West Coast National Park  last  week. The Reserve is only open during Flower Season, in August and September, when our fabulous Spring wildflowers pop out. So I thought I’d share our lovely day with my readers. And also to show the more positive side of South Africa instead of the usual drama and disasters that blights our country.

Firstly here is a  pic of my faithful photographers standing in a field of flowers.  As I have said before  we’re the perfect combo – she likes to take pics and I  like to go on outings

.I couldn’t resist this pic – the carpet of purple flowers was gorgeous. Thanks to the strangers who provided perspective for Nina’s pic.


This was the one and only patch  of cerise flowers we saw – a genuine shocking pink!

Not so dramatic, but still beautiful.  If you look carefully at the two close-ups you will notice more tiny flowers in the pics. The white background is a mixture of sand and pulverised shells.


What a glorious day we had!






8 responses to “IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD

  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing those pics


  2. wow! Seems like we had a wonderful time Alison


  3. Thank you for the fabulous blog! Such a great pick-me-up!

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  4. What a lovely trip you seem to have had. I’m hoping to be over your part of the world in November!

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  5. So beautiful! A breath of fresh air. So glad you went on this outing.
    Ps. There is also a caterpillar in the one closeup. 😀

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  6. Hi thanks for the blog follow….and glad you got the postcard. It cerainly took a while! Looks like you live in an amazing part of the world. X


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