A beautiful day so I drove up to Melkbosstrand for an ad hoc al fresco lunch : sushi by the sea.



I stopped off at my local supermarket and bought sushi. And you Sushi Snobs can stop raising your eyebrows. Their sushi is delicious. I stood and watched them make it – fresher than that you don’t get.



And of course there was an opportunistic gull, beadily looking out for a dropped crumb. Sorry bird: no crumbs associated with this lunch.

I reminded myself I should do this more often. Just 11 kms up the road is a pretty little town with a superb stretch of coast. I’ll be taking more picnics to Melkies beach.



3 responses to “SUN ‘n SUSHI

  1. Thanissara

    So wonderful! Can smell the seaweed.


  2. Ecoecho

    Mmmmmmm, sushi by the sea. Can’t think of anything much better than that – other than Marks & Spencer prawn sandwiches by the sea, heheh. Now I have the car back I must start doing this sort of thing, given my legs are no longer a properly working part of my body component. I never go for a drive out these days, and I really must get doing it again. We have such wonderful coastline and beaches. Just have to pick a safe spot.

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  3. Sumi Singh Writes

    Good on you Alison! We forget to take ourselves out for lunch or just to be with one in nature. BTW I also buy my sushi from the supermarket 🙂 and love it 🙂

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