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Inspired by a recent blog post on Medium D, I have been wading through the undergrowth in my Inbox, wielding my machete ruthlessly. I’ve had to Empty Deleted Items twice, and still the contents remain at over 100. Sigh. I wonder if you feel as overwhelmed by the flood of incoming mail as I do? I suppose the answer is to attend to each mail instantly or at least within 8 hours. But because my mail is not routed via my cellphone, this means I must be at home, seated at my desktop PC and prepared to spend time dealing with the InBox. According to the Medium D writer (didn’t note his name – sorry chap!)he had actually reduced his InBox to pristine white zero status. Hmm. Did he have his fingers crossed when he typed this statement? Is it even possible? He probably spends every waking hour glued to his screen. I wonder how long it stayed that way? Any suggestions?



5 responses to “INBOX AT ZERO ?

  1. I well remember the days when I was still ‘working’ in the corporate world. My inbox seldom had less than 30 new emails plus about 15 remaining unanswered from previous days! It was a depressing state of affairs. The only way to console myself was to realise that the situation was better than if I had none coming in at all!

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  2. Senders of emails should realise that no message should be longer than 4 lines and, ideally, should requre only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. From one with around 400 unopened emails waiting for me at work and 65 at home. This is nothing, however, compared with 11,000 unanswered by my boss.


  3. A thought-provoking post, Alison. I wonder whether, in many cases, it would be better to pick up the phone to speak to someone, or to meet face to face. In the case of dealing with companies, though, it’s often better to have facts down in writing, in case of future confusion or disputes. But for personal communication, I think phoning or meeting over tea/coffee/whatever, is better … though there too, it can get tricky to find a convenient time!

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    • As you say, Reggie. I agree. On the weekend I occasionally settle down for a cosy chat on the landline, chiefly because my plan with Telkom gives me free local calls over weekends. The complexities of modern life.

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