Close The Door (They’re Coming In The Window)

Some of my readers may remember this crazy 1955 hit song by Jim Low. The lyrics make no sense whatsoever, but no matter, there was a jolly, sing-along tune. This was back in the Olden Days, you understand, when you could hear the words and sing-along.
The reason the song came to mind was when I was sorting out my pics on my PC and I found the following pics, taken in 2017, whilst on a visit to my Durban family.
Let me introduce you to Scooby. He’s annexed the Boss’ Lazy-boy, master of all he surveys.



Sometime Scooby gets locked out. Oh the injustice!


20170924_190001 (2)



But Scooby has a plan. Not worry. Where there’s a window, there’s a way.




Scooby surveying his outdoor kingdom, being watched by his junior apprentice , Cooper. Cooper has also mastered the art of window-entry.


20170924_123519 (2)


Like I said: Close the door, they’re coming in the windows!




5 responses to “Close The Door (They’re Coming In The Window)

  1. Moondancer

    Loved this. I too share my space with two very quirky Jacks and no day is ever boring.


  2. Kerry Lucke

    Brilliant! Cannot believe my puppies have become so infamous.


  3. Perfect combination of a lyric, a determined dog, and photographs. Great fun.


  4. So cute! How do you live without screens on your windows??


  5. House belongs to my daughter, in Durban. If by ‘screens’ you mean anti-mosquito/insect screens, Durban is not a mosquito area, and if you live in Africa you come to terms with insect life very early in your life!


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