Cold winter weather always drives my Inner Cook into action. Chiefly because I’m constantly hungry, as opposed to hot summer weather, when I wilt, along with the salad leaves. So its time to make Chai tea – Ceylon tea with a mixture of spices. I’ve grown lazy and buy the tea bags instead of making my own, but its hot and warming; all that ginger, no doubt.
At a recent Village function the good ladies of our Village Catering team produced Sago pudding, which was to die for. I thought: the hell with it, and had seconds! My, it was good. Two of my fellow diners screeched: Urrrggghhh – NOT SAGO! And flatly refused to have anything to do with it. Turns out they were the victims of Boarding School cooks, and I know exactly where their phobia originated. I also have grisly memories of leathery rice puddings, slimy tapioca, and worst of all, baked egg custard. Shudder.
However, moving on to happier times and rosier memories. I managed to find a copy of a much-wanted cookbook ‘Retreat’ by Daniel Jardim, a noted South African vegetarian cook. And within its pages I found a recipe for Boeboer. I can hear you saying “Huh? What’s that?”

It’s a Malay dessert, made by the local Muslim community, on special occasions. Cape Town has a rich cultural heritage stemming from the early days of its history, when the Dutch East India Company imported slaves from Indonesia and Java. Their descendants form an essential part of our city’s mixed community, and their cuisine reflects their traditional Asian heritage.
Here’s a Boeber recipe from the web: . If you decide to try the recipe, please note the cup measurements are British standard cup measures, (250 ml) not American.  I can never remember whether the US version is bigger or smaller; the point is, there’s a difference!  And, by the way, the mixture needs to be stirred constantly.







3 responses to “WINTER COMFORT FOOD

  1. Judy Bird

    Boeber. “Melkbos kos”. When I served that Malay dish after my chicken tikka masala my Boere boy friends thought they had died and gone to mamas heaven !!!!! Their wives were not impressed with me as they had tried unsuccessfully to make fir their hubbies ” like the boys mammals did”. Great fun dessert.

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  2. Zonie

    Yea,reminded me of Melkkos! Sooo good!


  3. I have to own that I would be a ‘pass’ person having less than fond memories of my mums sago puddings. She was an enthusiastic if not terribly good cook and we had 3 puddings she loved to make. Tapioca was the worst. Then Sago and finally Semolina. The last one , pink with strawberry jam was the one I liked. Happy days.


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