My friend E visited me on Wednesday. She walked in, carrying a generous bunch of Inca Lilies, freshly cut from her garden. As ever, she apologised for the mess they will make, and as ever, I replied “I don’t care, they’re lovely!” Which they are. Deep red, with yellow highlights. En masse the flowers produce a light, frilly effect, but day by day the papery petals fall off, until the tall glass vase is surrounded by a halo of drying petals. I could care less – the flowers are so beautiful, and it takes but a few moments to pick up the fallen petals and bin them.


I always enjoy her visits. E’s passion in life is to travel. I listen with envy to her planned trips for 2019. Her equal passion is photography, and she take hundreds (and on occasion, literally thousands) of photos on her journeys , which she puts into visual presentations and photo-books, and shares with friends. I’m an armchair traveller, but she is a modern female Marco Polo.


Two days later she texted me to say she was in hospital, and the prognosis was not good.
I’m looking at my vase of Inca Lilies, and know that this may well be the last bunch of Inca Lilies I will receive from E’s garden.




  1. Hi Alison. They are beautiful lilies aren’t they. And so sorry about your friend. Xxx

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  2. Going out in a blaze of glory. She sounds as though she has lived a full life.

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  3. Beautiful flowers from a friend make for the best present. Best wishes for your friend.

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  4. How lovely and how sad. So sorry to hear about your friend, Alison.

    I would love to try and paint that picture of those flowers and if the painting turns out ok will email it to you, if I may? Would that be alright?

    Sue xx

    A day without laughter is, like, night.


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  5. How terribly sad to lose a friend. In my book, “En Garde, My Battle with Breast Cancer” I dedicated it to my oldest and dearest friend, Jo. It was a small gesture, but now it will live as long as Amazon still exists.

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  6. I’m so sorry to read the unhappy news about your friend. It seems she has led a full and exciting life, but there’s never a good time to go. How wonderful, though, that Inca Lilies will always remind you of E – such vivid, bold and delightful flowers.

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