Regardless of the venue, be it theatre, cinema or concert hall, there’s ALWAYS that one idiot who doesn’t switch off their cell-phone. And sure enough, at a crucial moment, their phone will merrily chime to announce an incoming call. Despite turned heads, and hostile glares, the culprit often continues to sit happily engrossed in the performance, until a neighbor administers a sharp nudge and hisses: Your phone – turn it OFF!!


Despite clear announcements prior to performances, people ignore the polite request. What’s the matter with them? Are they so addicted to their mobiles they can’t bear to be out of communication for an hour? Or so important that such mundane things don’t apply to them? And most deaf people can lip read, so they’re not excused either .


And let me tell you, the culprits are not just the elderly technophobes who don’t know how to turn off their phones (and I’ve met them!) but much younger folk too.


Here’s a hint: turn your phone off before you enter the venue. Works every time!



4 responses to “YOU CAN BET ON IT !

  1. Oh you are so right. There are always some people who don’t turn of their phone. 😡

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  2. Eileen Turner

    Oh, so irritating! Not that I have been able to go to a Theatre for some time now, But I do remember. Also theatres which allow late people in to disturb the prompt . xx

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  3. I remember a world without cell phones; it was a quieter, gentler place. Now we must listen to them wherever we go: in grocery stores, or on the sidewalks of our town. One of the things about Japan that amazed and impressed me was the silence. There were no cell phones ringing anywhere the entire two weeks I was there, and it was bliss.

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