Determined to make good my silent promise to myself about making more of an effort, there I was, on 2 January, briskly walking on the treadmill at the gym. Was this my New Year’s Resolution? No – not exactly; but acting on the need to become fitter, and to stick to regular exercise. I’m a terrific starter. Propose a new activity, and I’m super enthusiastic and get going with gusto. But. And here’s the sticky patch: I’m not a good stayer.

In view of my daily – sometimes twice daily! – dog-walking in December , which was quite enjoyable but somewhat leisurely because The Dog just had to sniff, and (usually) christen every tree trunk and pole we encountered, and my Village has a fair number of both. So the Dog Walking got me going again, and I didn’t do too badly on the treadmill. Nothing dramatic you understand, given my age etc etc.

I thought the Gym would be packed with people pounding off the Christmas indulgence, and while there were more people than usual., it wasn’t throbbing as I’d expected. Sure – more men sweating on exercise bikes, but I suspect that’s because they’re still on holiday. South Africa doesn’t really get going until the second week in January. Work ethic and productivity are not our strong suit!

While I’m all in favour of life reviews at year end, or setting goals in early January, I know from past experience that New Year’s resolutions don’t really work for me.

I asked my New Year’s Day lunch guests what they had planned for 2019? One reply was to move up to the Silver category in Ballroom dancing, so that was a firm commitment. Another reply was to make more use of their new gym membership …. That wasn’t me, but another luncher. Another person is launching a new home business venture and possibly moving to the Southern Cape. Somebody else wants to improve their photography skills. Concrete goals, all progress related I note. Oh – one woman said this was the year she wanted to leap out of a plane, attached to a parachute, but I think she’d had too much champagne!

How about you? Any New Year’s resolutions? Personal promises and goals?



10 responses to “2 JANUARY 2019 : CRUNCH TIME

  1. New Year Resolutions never work! I have never seen a person tick all of them off at the end of the year. If rheumatoid arthritis has taught me anything, it’s that I can literally only live moment by moment because I never know when I will have a flare-up. This year the only thing I need to work on, is kindness, especially where my family is concerned! 🙂


  2. Brenda Payne

    Oh dear… New Year resolutions are not my strong suite for sure. I, like you, know that I am a great starter, but that’s it. These days I tend to simply hope that I complete some of my goals before I run out of time. xx

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  3. Hi Alison
    Some noble resolutions there. This year I have made none so none can be broken but I did however finish with my gym contract. Must be mad to want to go on a treadmill. 😂

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  4. I want to spend more time rocking and rolling!


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  5. I never make New Years resolutions!

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  6. To be punctual and to leave work on time. I am not optimistic about the longevity of either!

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  7. I enjoy dog walking, I turned it into a little side gig! 😊


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