Who – or what – will be gracing your walls for the coming 12 months?
Cute kittens? Beautiful flowers? Idyllic scenery? Exotic dream destinations ?
Oriental Art? Endangered species? Wolves and Wildlife?


OR: macho, bare-chested mighty Vladimir Putin (yes: that VP) Will you be gazing lustfully and dreamily, like a vast number of Japanese ladies do? There’s a surprise – who knew that the Russian Bear would set those hearts aflutter? For years Hello Kitty! was a favourite Japanese icon, at least of the younger adults. Perhaps as they mature they need something less fluffy?
We must thank our lucky stars that the Mighty Orange One hasn’t been persuaded to enter the contest of the calendars. Mind you, is it cool to compete in the Testosterone Test against your Best Buddy? Help me out here.
Let me rapidly report that my daughter’s annual wildlife calendar, featuring her photos from numerous bush adventures, is the only calendar in this house!

I’m still giggling about the inexplicable Japanese calendar favourite, so my opinion is skewed and totally unimportant anyway.
I wonder what’s on your walls?




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5 responses to “YOUR NEW 2019 CALENDAR?

  1. I used to have a boring Old Mutual one with useful big squares for wriitng appointments. They stopped sending those- now I have a lovely calendar on my computer…works for me!

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    • So long as it works for you – that’s the important thing! I enjoy the art work on calendars. But that said, I have an indispensable A4 diary and my life functions around The Book. Each to their own!


  2. What a fun post! Who knew that about the Japanese?

    We’ve got several calendars dotted about our house, Alison.

    For years, I have been ‘resurrecting’ calendars from previous years by printing out the new year’s months on Excel, updating and adding birthdays in the process, and pasting the printouts over the old year’s months. Sometimes the pictures are so beautiful that I don’t like to throw them away too quickly. I usually have an older one hanging in my office, so I don’t feel bad scribbling notes on it.

    If we get a new one for Christmas (family from Namibia usually gives us a gorgeous Namibian landscape or wildlife calendar), it is displayed near the entrance (to impress visitors – lol!). Mom sometimes gets a new one and sometimes a ‘resurrected’ one if the pictures are particularly pretty. And we have a birthday calendar in the bathroom – one of those calendars that aren’t year-specific, with each month’s birthdays listed.

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    • Highly organised! I used to keep my old calendars and use them for paper collage projects. Haven’t made collages for a while, so I excavated my trove and donated to the Library for their Craft projects in the Kids’ Library. I’m in a Marie Kondo frame of mind!

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  3. This made me lough out loud…..especially reference to ‘The Mighty Orange One’!! :):

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