I live in a gated Village for those who are over 50 years old. So far, so good. Consequently we are a mixed community of those who still have jobs or careers; those who are in their mid 60s and upwards, and the very elderly who truly are geriatric.

New neighbours moved into the house opposite mine, mid December . So far, so good.  Christmas is over now. All the visiting families have departed, we are into the early days of 2019 and New Neighbour turns out to be a D I Y fan of note. He hammers, bangs, and wields his electric drill with gusto, literally from morning ‘til night. What on earth can he be doing? Re-fitting the entire damn house with new cupboards? I happen to know the house has more than adequate cupboard space.
What’s equally baffling is that he’s over 80 years old, and quite stooped. When I met him in the street he gave me a tortoise grimace and pallidly shook my hand.

Sir: you’re supposed to be relaxing on your verandah with your cup of coffee, or snoozing in front of the Sports Channel on TV. I’m told his wife is a sweet lady and from the little I’ve seen she doesn’t fit the profile of domestic tyrant raising hell over the lack of cupboards. For goodness sake, there’s only the two of them,  not a family of ten!

Who knows? Meanwhile, I’m gritting my teeth and muttering : live and let live . Trouble is, our houses are jammed very close together. So any noise is shared noise. Yay.


Dear previous neighbour: don’t you want to come back to my street? I never really appreciated the excellent qualities of a nice sedate older school teacher until now!



14 responses to “THE GERIATRIC DIY FIEND

  1. 🧐 Maybe you should drop in for a neighborly visit?


  2. Brenda Payne

    Having such a good laugh! Loved the article.

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  3. Charlotte

    Problem is if someone stole his tools, they’d naturally suspect someone in the gated village. So play your radio at its VERY LOUDEST for a day or two – and when he comes to see you, tell him its to drown out the noise of his tools…. And then you reach ‘an amicable agreement’. Good luck!

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  4. Lindsvee

    Perhaps he is paneling his walls with wood paneling? It does seem very weird …


  5. Haven’t you got a few little jobs that need doing? Put him to good use!

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  6. I have a toy maker of cute little trains next door, actually next to my bedroom!! I sympathise!

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  7. Hi Alison He cannot be completely renovating a rental property. I’d drop by for a coffee and check it out – we all want to know now!

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  8. Defo make friends and get him round for any chores you have outstanding.

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