Go away! Shoo! Please don’t advance on me & fold me in your embrace. A handshake will do, or a light touch on the arm. A genuine, big smile would be lovely. I’m not a hug-a-bug. I’m not a germophobe, neither am I the Ice Queen. I just like my personal space. And I’m not the only one. I thought I was a weird Tribe of One, but it turns out I’m not. In the February issue of Sawubona magazine Thando Ndabezitha titles her Anti-hug fest piece: Hugs Must Fall! * I’m with you all the way Thando. Why this mania for hugging complete strangers? The only people I want to hug are my family and my lovers. Not necessarily in this order.

*a reference to the disruptive student protests ‘Fees Must Fall’

JAP = just a paragraph to keep my blog ticking over, whilst I’m busy with longer posts.










9 responses to “(JAP) I’M NOT A HUG-A-BUG)

  1. Lindsvee

    I think it just simplifies things. When there’s a group of you and you didn’t get to hug one when you greet – on meeting or leaving – then maybe they would feel slighted you never know. There’s just the good old how are ye/goodbye and be done with it. I am not a mwah person. 🙂

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  2. Brilliant! And I agree wholeheartedly 👏

    Tel: 01263 584179 A day without laughter is, like, night.


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  3. Brenda

    Yep I’m a hugger, I confess. I’m genuinely so happy to see some people that I have the urge to hug them. In my long life if hugging I have only been shooed away by one person. This has made me realise that not everyone wants a hug of my love. So, what should I do with the huge stack of hugs I have available to give?
    I decided to continue to give and if someone shoos me away, that’s ok. I can handle that, because it is a small price to pay in order to pass on a hug of love to those who enjoy it and for the those who don’t often experience that level of caring touch.
    On the other hand I will make a note of those who don’t want a hug and hope that my smile will warm their heart, because I don’t like shaking hands or lip kisses as I am a germophobic. 🙂 enjoy your day and keep up the blogs.

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  4. My swimming group are enthusiastic huggers. We hug each other when we meet in the morning and sometimes again when we part. However, as one of our number said this morning, ‘Not everyone appreciates hugging.’ He met a chum he’d not seen for a while and gave him a bear hug. The chum was most surprised.

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  5. To hug or not to hug – what a minefield. I used to travel to Belgium regularly for work and there the practice is to kiss everyone – twice (one each cheek). But then sometimes they would do a third kiss. I never worked out what the rule was

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  6. I am a hug-bug! addicted to it.
    There is a rule for hug giving though. I don’t hug a person I not know.


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