The answer is me!

Look what I grew in pots on my patio :


IMG_20190306_130019_resized_20190414_090146337 (002)
Nothing beats the taste of young, freshly picked green beans. By planting at four weekly intervals another crop of beans arrives in time to replace the fading first plantings. I’ve had fun waiting and watching for the sprouting beans to push through the soil, then watering them – just a little, this is pot gardening we’re talking about here – until they’re established. I use my kitchen grey water for my pots where possible, and it fascinates me that the beans are not flavoured with Sunlight Dishwashing liquid!

IMG_20190307_064209_resized_20190414_090146733 (002)
The New Zealand Spinach is rampaging happily, as it does. I can barely keep up with it! Nobody more surprised than me when it erupted in both my pots, having self seeded eighteen months ago.
I’m currently on a gardening binge, and buying a few new shrubs to fill in the evidence of the drought. My lavender and my ground cover died off, drought victims, and my ten year old Rosemary bush jungle is in a sad state, sorry to say.

IMG_20190401_104712_resized_20190414_090145478 (002)

My two new hibiscus plants, both with promising fat buds. I’m looking forward to their generous pale pink flowers.
However, I’ve had success with striking cuttings from my Hoya creeper and my pretty pink geranium, so I need to start replacement rosemary cuttings. On a hot afternoon the remaining rosemary sends clouds of perfume into my bedroom. Delicious!
The soil in my garden is basically beach sand, but fortunately only  a very small area, which is manageable for a spasmodic gardener like yours truly.  Gardening in pots is waterwise,  versatile and rewarding.  If, like me, you garden in adverse conditions, pot gardening is worth a try.





  1. Thats such a good feeling isnt it Alison, eating from your own garden! I have three different kinds of lettuce so Im forced to eat a lot of salad just to keep up with it.

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  2. Enjoy your little garden and your beans. I live in an apartment, fortunately on the ground floor, so I am able to plant flowers in front of the building with the manager’s permission. There is a huge blossoming lilac in front of my window. It was there when I moved in, and I love it.

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  3. Those beans look delicious!

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  4. You make it sound such fun! I may even give it a try.

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  5. I have never tried growing beans before, Alison, but you’ve inspired me. Our garden too suffered badly during the long years of drought and no irrigation, apart from bowls of dish-rinse water from the sink – like you, I am also surprised when the herbs don’t taste of dish washing liquid residue!

    My rosemary and lavender have also died. And every time I’ve planted thyme, it’s died; I’ve tried different versions – my favourite is lemon thyme – but they *all* die. Am I underwatering / overwatering, not composting enough / composting too much, soil too sandy/ too rich – what the heck? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    Basil, on the other hand, continues to flourish and astound me. Every few months, I take sprigs from the large bushes, pop them straight in the soil, and voila, another basil plant…. So if you like, I can take some cuttings for you? 🙂

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