Most people hate doing the ironing, but I’m one of the few people who doesn’t mind ironing. I’m not saying I look forward to it, but one Sunday a month, when the pile of ironing is halfway to the ceiling, I tackle it, and while I iron, I play CDs or my antique LPs. Today’s music was Paul Simon’s So Beautiful, so What. I enjoy his lyrics, plus he often has exotic instruments as backing. A good combo for me. What’s your musical accompaniment to chores?
*JAP = just a paragraph to keep my blog ticking over, whilst I’m busy with longer posts.



10 responses to “IRONING MUSIC

  1. ‘Hand in my pocket’ by Alanis Morrisette. Strangely!


  2. eliwhi28

    I love these short posts to keep connected! I listen to a variety of music and some times when I need quiet- I listen to none.

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  3. JB

    I actually like the sound of the iron while I do the ironing – the gulping sound it makes when I pause and lay it on its hind, the smooth sound it makes when pressed to the clothing and ironing board, the popping sound the steam invariably makes…so, no music for me please!

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  4. I enjoy ironing. I find it very relaxing. Today it was Nancy Griffith who was keeping me company.

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  5. Short posts are my usual mode, so I appreciate a quick glimpse into your thoughts. Ironing has such a special memory for me, waking up from my naps as a child to my mother ironing in a darkened study, watching Julia Child on television. I think listening to Paul Simon while doing that is just lovely.

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  6. Charlotte

    I get my best thoughts when I’m ironing and also listening to the radio.
    And the satisfaction of seeing clothes and linen neatly pressed ready to be put away after the job is done….. Actually, I love ironing. It is relaxing and satisfying.

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  7. I tend to have seasonal playlists – the stuff I want to listen to varies every three or four months – so it’s usually just whatever the newest playlist is, on rotation. At the moment it’s a lot of country/folk (The Stray Birds, Miranda Lambert, Holly Armstrong, I’m With Her) spliced with Lizzo.

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  8. Podcasts! I especially like NPR podcasts Hidden Brain, Invisibilia, and Planet Money 🙂

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  9. Ironing is so relaxing, watch TV, and before you know it, that mountain is gone

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  10. I also like to play music while I iron. It is the only thing that keeps my arm moving. 😁

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