The spotlight is on Rugby Fever, of course. The 2019 World Cup taking place in Japan. I’m that rare creature – I’m not a sports fan. In a nation of sports fanatics I’m the odd woman out. I keep a low profile. I don’t want to be lynched! Because SA has made it into the finals, Rugby Fever is rampant. Good luck to the Bokke! See: even I know what to shout at the appropriate time!


ON 1ST October the Army arrived in Dunoon, a crowded low-income area about 6 kms away from where I live. It’s a transport hub, both for the mini-bus taxis and the MyCiti busses. The Army arrived to restore law and order, because the taxi drivers (notorious for behaving exactly as they please, ignoring traffic laws blatantly) rioted when the local Traffic Police conducted a blitz against unlicenced and unroadworthy vehicles, and outstanding traffic fines. The taxi industry was outraged that they were “not consulted first” – oh please! The law applies to them just as it does to us, the law abiding motorists. Tyre burning, trashing of MyCiti passenger bus stations, road closures, violence, a taxi strike : it was chaos . Roads in and out of this area, including the major N7 highway, had to be closed due to protests.


Can you believe that between April 2018 and March 2019 4 000 murders – yes, that’s right, this is not a typo – were committed in the Western Cape? The figure is beyond staggering. We are in a crisis in this country.


To finish off the month, see below. https://www.capetownetc.com/news/snowfall-surprise on October 28th : Snow-forecast.com, the snowfall reached 4cm around the area of the Matroosberg Nature Reserve. Not in my area, but in our  Province.


We’ve had unexpected late Winter rains. 40mm last Friday, and another 40mm over the weekend – rain, glorious rain. After the 2018 drought, I will never complain about rain again. Every drop is a blessing. My garden is sodden. Venerable oldster friends are saying things like: proper winter rain! This is how it always used to be , 30 or 40 years ago , days of heavy rain. Unfortunately the rain has encouraged the snails to come out of their hidey-holes. They mowed down my lovely strong bean seedlings that were doing so well. I could just scream! But I sighed and planted more seeds. Fingers crossed. So it’s the Dawn Snail Patrol for me. They come out to feed in the early hours. They will regret it. My Snail Jail awaits!



10 responses to “OCTOBER 2019 CAPE TOWN ROUND-UP

  1. Charlotte

    As always – perceptive, interesting and well-written. …Only one thing:
    With regards to rugby, you cannot lay claim to being ‘the odd woman out’.. Speaking personally,I can attest to the fact that there are other odd women out there, besides yourself..

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  2. Many more “odd women”, but they have to watch because hubby watches…

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  3. I am an odd woman here because I love sport. I will be supporting the Springboks.
    Your morning snail patrol sounds hilarious but it will be so worth it.
    Glad the rains have come. Everyone needs rain.

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  4. I can sympathise with your feeling of being alone in a sea of rugby fans. It would be similarly dangerous for me to show any lack of interest here in Wales. I used to enjoy going to the big games when I was growing up but that was because it was a great excuse to get a few beers – now I don’t care about the beer or the game ….

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  5. Here we put bowls of beer in the garden to deter snails. Maybe your snails will be drunkards too?

    Sorry to hear of the unrest there. We are living in turbulent times. 😢 Stay sage!

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