The slogan ought to read: Take this OFF your calendar!!

I wrote this piece last year after the Friday Frenzy, and kept it, to publish prior to the next awful retail event. It’s a lighthearted piece about consumerism, greed, shopping – but, seriously, I think we need to change our approach to consumerism, it ain’t helping our poor battered planet. I, for one, will not be buying one damn thing on 29 November 2019, Black Friday and encourage the rest of you to do likewise.
Okay, so we’ve had the frenzy of BLACK FRIDAY, followed by CYBER MONDAY and finally (very welcome) GIVE IT BACK TUESDAY. All of which are driven by retail sales marketing and rampant consumerism. How about: CELEBRATION SATURDAY followed by SLOPPY SUNDAY? Monday, of course, offers limitless possibilities. The first option springing to my mind is: MOPEY MONDAY. Wednesday is HUMP DAY – because it’s in the middle of the week , and not the other meaning! Get your mind above your waistband, for goodness sake! Visualise camels. There. That should calm you down.

Which brings us to Thursday. Hmm. THUPER THURSDAY ? I can lisp if I want to! It’s my blog. Maybe you have other suggestions? Feel free to make them in the comments section. And: I’m not even offering a prize for the most inventive. You’ll just have to make do with the glory.



7 responses to “RENAMING WEEKDAYS

  1. Econogal

    How about Thirsty Thursday?

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  2. Anna

    On Youtube, they have Throwback Thursdays in which the youtubers will talk about a topic/item mentioned or talked about in the past.

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  3. Trash Thursday (the day you get rid of all the rubbish you bought last Black Friday??)

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  4. Hi. Let’s add an extra day or two to each week so that there’s more time for shopping!

    Neil Scheinin

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  5. Charlotte

    How about ‘Thankful Thursday’ – that you didn’t buy one damn thing on ‘Black Friday’ and didn’t have to return any rubbish on ‘Take it Back Tuesday’?

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  6. Great post.
    Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Then there are the pre Christmas Sales, post Christmas sales and of course the January sales. A cup of tea and a good book to curl up with beats all those sales any day of the week.

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