IMG_20191111_090310_resized_20191111_053834643 (002)I was hunting in my desk for my address book, because I need to send out three Christmas cards – yes, readers, those antique objects : Christmas cards. Remember them? The glitter? The snowy scenes, the holly, the robins. All wildly inappropriate seeing my Christmases are hot, sunny and dry, but never mind, tradition is tradition!
Inside my address book I found old lists dating back to 2004, listing the names of people who annually received cards from me in December. Some of the names mean nothing to me now, pen friends of yore I suspect; some folk have died, others have moved out of my life. Every year I receive fewer and fewer cards but I stick them up and enjoy the green and red cheer.

Many cards only arrive at the end of January and sometimes February or March, due to the vagaries of our postal service. So I tuck them away for the year ahead and enjoy them a year later. And why not? In these difficult times, we need all the good cheer we can get! Don’t you agree?



4 responses to “JOLLY HOLLY TO ALL

  1. Corinna Turner

    I also love Christmas cards. Just a shame they are so expensive to buy and even more to post, even locally, and prohibitive to my friends and family overseas. So I pay an exorbitant £11 or £12 a year to have unlimited access to e-cards. Lovely ones they are too, but not the same. I like cards like I like my books, sorry tree huggers, made out of paper that I can hold.


  2. I love Christmas cards, but I have noticed that in previous years I was sending out a lot more than I was receiving. Cards are fairly reasonable where I live. I think the issue may be the high price of postage. It seems to be much easier for people to send cards and a few other things online these days and I think that is very sad. It’s killing our precious old traditions.

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  3. there is nothing to compare to a Christmas card. Opening that envelope wondering what the scene will depict, reading the message and revelling in the fact that someone has taken the time to write and post an actual card.

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  4. You are indeed lucky to still receive them, Alison. I don’t know when I last received a Christmas card. They were always so pretty and looked great hung against a wall like washing on the line (OK, that is what I thought of them)

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