This year I officially made no new year rezzes but I did have a few half-formed promises lurking in my mind. Promises to myself, you understand. One of them was to spend less time on social media, and more time meeting more friends face to face.
With this in mind, this morning I came across the following apposite poem written by the most delightful, saintly old yogi it has ever been my privilege to meet :
With Apology to Technology
It seems to be the modern trend
That with one’s family or friend
Communicating heart to heart
Has been completely split apart
As iPhones take away the space
Of relating face to face.

Fascinating they may be
But do they recognize or see
The truth revealed within the eyes,
Anxiety, or stifled cries?

When the heart is tightly sealed
There’s no chance of being healed.
Technology and technicality
Should not remove us from reality.


Mother Yogesh has a talent for writing verse, and her latest collection – see cover below – if full of charming little verses, some devotional, others not, often sparkling with that quiet little nugget of humour. If you’re interested in learning more about Mother Yogesh, or getting hold of her collection of poems, the Ashram website is Emails to:


IMG_20200109_110455_resized_20200109_110525613 (002)




  1. eileen.eileenturner.turner

    I liked this very much, Alison.  XxxSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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  2. very appropriate. Its time we left technology and start communicating and understanding body language amongst other things

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  3. Going back to using the phone for an actual conversation and meeting people face to face is so healthy. Great to see there is poetry for as well. Thank you for the link.

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  4. So sadly true! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as those of Mother Yogesh. How wise.

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