This is the month when we’re tightening our belts, usually financially; but also at  the other end of the spectrum we’re slackening our belts ,and wondering why did we eat  yet another slice of Christmas cake? Because its delicious, that’s why! But of course, those extra kgs come to roost, generally around our mid-sections.

So I offer a few thrifty tips, none of them exercise or gym related.

On the topic of food, there’s  the idea of Meatless Mondays,  don’t explain, apologise, or introduce  it to the family, just do it.  When they moan, ask if they would like Christmas gifts in December 2020 ? because this is the first step toward that target.

Obviously fast food deliveries to your door is a no-no.  And a blanket ban on fast food at any location, for that matter. Its expensive, and  unhealthy, as  we all know, don’t we? Not to mention soggy and lukewarm. Yuck.

Lastly  here’s the cracker: Do not go to the January sales. Unless you have a specific object in mind, and have been saving up all year for that  big purchase e.g. a new fridge or a TV.  Sale buys are often disappointing or rash, once reviewed soberly at home, away from the frantic grab and run of sales. And you will have spent more money you don’t actually possess. See the agitated smoke rising from your credit card? I rest my case.

Happy January!








  1. brilliant elucidation and words of wisdom for January month

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  2. Clare Rogers

    You only recommend meatless Mondays? It seems that more and more of my chums eschew meat every day! I, daughter of a beef farmer, though, don’t go along with this. Bring on the vleis, I say.

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  3. Econogal

    Love this article. Belt tightening is good for both the waist and the bank account.

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  4. Corinna Turner

    I can’t get any belt I currently possess round my middle, so I don’t have one to tighten! hahahah. For me this year January means an extra pay day. Not that that means I am in the £ seats unfortunately, but at least I am on top of the bills. No new fridges or TVs, always hated the January sales unless I was reading about the UK ones in one of Gile’s annual books. He cartoonised them so well. January sales used to be about getting real bargains, but not any more. One can buy something on sale only to happen upon an advert where it is cheaper.

    As for meatless Mondays – with the price of meat many days are meatless these days but I don’t seem to lose any weight, despite not having eaten Christmas cake over the season..


  5. Great advice and humorous to boot!

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