For years I’ve been loudly proclaiming the virtues of microwave cooking, and informing all who will listen, that I cook 75% of my food in the microwave. Soup and porridge are the exceptions, but other than these, watch me press that button, watch that turntable spin!
But today I experienced a disaster of note. I planned to make a baked milk pudding, incorporating angel hair fine pasta, and sago. I thought I’d be clever and cut down on oven baking time, by pre-cooking the pasta and the sago, before constructing the dish. The pasta worked like a dream. I’ve been cooking pasta in the microwave for years.
Now for the sago. I put the soaked sago into a microwave cooking pot, gave it 3 minutes at 100% power. All I wanted was a pre-cook. When I opened the pot ….. Eeeeekkk – what was this? A translucent, rubbery, faintly bluish mass met my startled eyes. I prodded it gingerly with a spoon, to which it adhered instantly in a rubbery, quivering coating. Ummmm ….. The general effect was of a strange jellyfish from deepest, uncharted  ocean depths.

No thanks! With difficulty I scraped the trembling, gluey mass out of the pot and into the bin. Let me tell you, the sago didn’t give up without a brave fight. It clung grimly to the spoon, and the plastic pot, despite prolonged soaking.
I can authoritatively state: You cannot, and should not, cook sago in a microwave oven.
You have been warned!



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14 responses to “MICROWAVE DEFEAT

  1. Masterchef Australia better take note then! Brave of you to eat sago at all, I remember it from boarding school and most sago dishes went back to the kitchen….

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  2. So entertaining. I am laughing here.
    Personally I think you are very brave eating sago. trying to swallow it every Monday as dessert with those pearls sticking to the roof of my mouth.
    However, I did taste it in Turkey a few year ago where it was served with pecans and honey.
    Hope you enjoyed your bake.

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    • Boarding school sago was dreadful. We;’re all agreed on this one. But I have a wonderful recipe incorporating a lot of butter, cinnamon, cardamon, almonds, the pasta milk, sugar – its not sticky and horrible at all. I love it. Its called ‘Boeber’. I blogged about it last year.


  3. eileen.eileenturner.turner

    I love this story, Alison. Ì fix the same sort of thing wgen o got my first microwave. Ì enter to warm up s mince pie and thought that 3 minutes would be ok. Imagine!!. You know what they say, if in doubt read the manual!! Manual is now to hand since I have still cook very little in microwave except for eggs, as you personally showed me last time I was on S.A.  Alison.XxxSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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  4. The saga of the sagging sago!

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  5. The only times I have used a microwave was when we stayed in Airbnbs or guest rooms where that was the only way of heating up a meal. They give me the heebies! 😀 I still expect whatever I put inside that contraption to explode as soon as I open the door! Lol!

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  6. I’m in Reggie’s camp: I’ve managed without a microwave so long, I doubt whether I’ll ever take to them. Like CDs after vinyl. This article has inspired me to invest in sago, though. I was the only one at school who liked ‘frog’s eggs’.


    • Have to say I was not a huge fan of baked puddings at school, they always contained eggs, and I’m not crazy about sweet egg dishes. But my Boeber recipe is eggless … so …. and it contains other items I love like sultanas and almonds.


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